The Big Bang Theory: 5 Bernadette's Most Hilarious Comebacks

She was too much at times, but very funny nevertheless.

If you were to answer the question about your least favorite character, chances are you would name Bernadette. Although she started out strong, her development was completely ruined later in the series as writers managed to turn her into a younger and more vicious version of Howard’s mom.

However, there is one good thing about Bernadette that’s hard to argue with. If she was to bully or insult someone, she was insanely hilarious while doing it.

Here are 5 of Bernadette’s lines that we don’t recommend using in real life, but absolutely love to hear from the screen.

It’s not in Bernadette’s fashion to give up, especially when it comes to her family. That is why she went all the way with threats when the airport workers couldn’t find the bag with Howard’s mother’s urn. Some might even say she went a little overboard.

If there was any hostility in this scene, Amy wasn’t the one to blame. Who knew Bernie would easily point out even the most intimate parts of somebody else’s life to get her point across? She wasn’t wrong, though, and that’s exactly what must’ve hurt the most.

Although the insult didn’t come further than the simple b-word, seeing Bernadette go so hard on someone over a Disney princess was absolutely priceless. Well, it’s nice to know she’s still catering to that inner child inside!

You can’t tell us you never felt the same way. Juggling friendships, marriage, and a career can be hard and take a toll on someone, so, perhaps Bernie just needed a little moment of relaxation. Or, to pick the better crowd to surround herself with.

What would be a heartfelt confession if not for a good old insult thrown in between the words? Maybe Bernadette was truly sorry for what she’s done to Howard at that moment, but her growing annoyance with his mother still took over.

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