The Real-Life Couples Of NCIS Cast Revealed

Who doesn't love to see Mark Harmon solving mysteries with his crew? If so, you must be thrilled to know what is going on in the real lives of the "NCIS" characters. That's why today we will show who are the real-life couples of the NCIS' cast.

1. Mark Harmon as Leroy Jethro Gibbs

As we know from the show, Agent Leroy has had four failed marriages, had dozens of affairs, but is currently a bachelor. Unlike his character, Harmon has been a loyal husband for 31 years now. Together with his wife Pam Dawber, they have raised two beautiful sons, Sean and Ty.

The couple still keeps the romance alive in their relationship as they recently renewed their vows in a quiet backyard ceremony. Mark values his life at home above all else. He always keeps it separate from his career. "Mark is a shining example of the way it should be done," "NCIS" co-star Sean Murray revealed. He also said, "He's incredibly grounded, works hard, and knows that family counts most."

2. Michael Weatherly as Anthony DiNozzo

In real life, Michael went through hard times as well. Weatherly was in his early 20's when he was married to actress Amelia Heinle and had a child. He worked on the series "The City," and everything seemed to be fine, but suddenly, the show got canceled. Weatherly struggled with the stress of supporting a wife and a child having no money.

3. Pauley Perrette as Abby Sciuto

Why did she leave the show? She shared that being in the spotlight all the time was too "dehumanizing." "It's being a commodity," Perrette said, "It's just very dehumanizing. I hope I'm not wrong, but I think that I have earned a little bit of time to myself. Just stay home. Go to church."

4. Sasha Alexander as Caitlin Todd

The gorgeous Serbian-American actress gained a lot of fans through her dramatic work in "NCIS." The star is married to Edoardo Ponti, who is a son of well-known Italian actress Sophia Loren. Despite being married for ten years, 44-year-old Sasha and her husband still enjoy spending time together.

5. David McCallum as Dr. Donald Mallard

In a Facebook post confirming his new contract with CBS for season 16, McCallum noted that the reduced schedule would allow him "to spend time with Katherine," his wife of 50 years, their children, six grandchildren, and cat Nickie.

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