Young Sheldon Fans Find Teenage Sheldon Even More Insufferable Than His Child Self

While they thoroughly loved "The Big Bang Theory," especially Sheldon Cooper (Jim Parsons) and all of his quirky tendencies, there's something about the child version of the future theoretical physicist (Iain Armitage) that just isn't resonating with viewers in the same way.

Now, as the prequel series reaches six seasons and counting, the young genius is a teenager, with many finding this version to be even more insufferable. In fact, some fans, feel the character has gotten so bad, they refuse to watch new episodes: "What was funny and precious and precocious about 8-year-old Sheldon has become forced and decidedly less funny in teenage Sheldon."

A number of fans agree that Sheldon has lost the charm seen back in 2017, and also lacks the comedic timing of the character on "TBBT." 

Young Sheldon fans think the show is getting too dark

U/Emslayys said, "It used to be funny and cute. Season 5 was just depressing and Meemaw turned mean. George (Lance Barber) and Mary (Zoe Perry) with the's not the show it was originally."

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