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20 Dark Secrets The Big Bang Theory Cast Tried To Hide From Superfans !!


20 Jim Had The Flu During One Very Important Scene

According to, Jim Parsons, the actor who played Sheldon, was sick during the worst time. During the fourth season of the series, there's a very important scene between Sheldon and Amy, which was much less pleasant than it looked because Jim was sick with the flu at the time.

19 Melissa Had To Be Pushed To Be Meaner

Actress Melissa Rauch portrayed Bernadette, who was a very feisty character on the show. But in real life, Melissa is more laid back, and she had to be pushed to be more assertive, according to usatoday.


com. She was very convincing on the show, which means she is a great actress.

18 Kaley Got Tired Of Having To Deny Her Feelings For Johnny

Kaley and Johnny were a real couple for a little while, but no one else knew about it until later. According to, they didn't want the public to know about their romance, but Kaley got tired of keeping it a secret, which is what eventually led to their split.

17 Side Projects Weren't Successful

In 2011, the actors who played Stuart Bloom and Barry Kripke worked on a side project together, according to nickiswift.


com. They wrote a script (which had nothing to do with The Big Bang Theory) but it seems that the project wasn't good enough for them to move forward with it.

16 Jim Had No Idea Who Chuck Lorre Is When He Got The Chance To Audition

Chuck Lorre is a very popular name in the world of television, but apparently not everyone knows who he is. According to, Jim did not know who he was, and he even mistakenly thought that this man was a popular game show host who has a very similar name.

15 Kevin Has A Fear That Made Filming One Scene Very Hard For Him


A lot of people think it's fun to be underwater, but the actor who played Stuart on the series is not one of them, according to Kevin actually has a pretty intense fear of going underwater, which made filming a certain hot tub scene really hard for the actor.

14 The Original Pilot Didn't Have A Character Named Penny

Penny almost was not a part of this show at all. Instead, the original pilot (which never aired on television) featured a very different woman named Katie. According to, the test audience thought she was too mean, so the character was cut from the show, and Penny replaced her.


13 Jim Has Never Seen Some Of The Shows Sheldon Loves

Sheldon may be a Trekkie, but Jim couldn't be more different. He has actually never seen Star Trek or Doctor Who, according to However, the actor is a really big fan of Grey's Anatomy. It is probably safe to say Sheldon wouldn't be a big fan of that show.

12 Soft Kitty Is Not Totally Original

Some fans of The Big Bang Theory might be surprised to find out that the creators of the show got into some hot water when it comes to the lullaby Soft Kitty. Apparently, someone wrote an extremely similar song back in the 1930s, according to deadline.


com. They do sound alike.

11 Halley Was A Tribute To The Actress Who Played Mrs. Wolowitz

Howard and Bernadette's child, Halley, was never seen on camera, but there was a really good (and heartwarming) reason for this. Howard's mother was also never seen on camera, but she was an important character. Halley was meant to be a tribute to that popular character, according to

10 Some Of The Actors Had To Work While They Were Injured

A few of the actors on the show worked while they were injured. Kaley got seriously hurt when she was riding horseback in 2010, and Mayim Bialik also sustained a pretty serious injury as well, according to nickiswift.


com. The star hurt her hand, but still filmed the show.

9 There Was A Reference To Mayim Before She'd Even Been On The Show

There is a reference to Mayim Bialik way back in season one, even though she didn't become a part of the cast until much later. According to, this episode is called "The Bat Jar Conjecture," and in it, Raj mentions the girl who starred in Blossom, which is Mayim.

8 Kaley Had A Very Short Marriage

Kaley was once married to tennis player Ryan Sweeting. However, he made some very poor decisions that made her decide that she no longer wanted to be with him, according to nickiswift.


com. Their whole relationship only lasted a few years. They were only married for two years before their split.

7 Howard And Raj Were Not A Part Of The Original Pilot

The original pilot for this series was nothing like the show audiences love today. Originally, Raj and Howard were not supposed to be in the series at all. Instead, there was an additional female character named Gilda, according to Gilda liked Leonard, and she had a past with Sheldon.

6 Kaley Doesn't Even Live With Her Current Husband

Kaley and her current husband, equestrian Karl Cook, do not reside under the same roof, and they don't seem to have any issue with that at all.


According to, they do have plans to live together at some point in the future. They are currently building a house together.

5 There Were Some Hiccups In Simon's Real-Life Relationship

Actor Simon Helberg, who played Howard, owns up to the fact that he has not always been the best mate for his wife, according to But it seems that these two have worked out whatever troubles they had in the past. These days, they seem to be doing well.

4 Some Of The Marital Issues In The Show Were Inspired By Real Life

Some of the comedy in the show centers around marital troubles.


According to, one of the writers of The Big Bang Theory is married to someone who can't remember his birthday, so they made Penny forget Leonard's birthday. That's a cruel thing, but it was funny in the show.

3 Wil Wheaton Left A Different Show And Regretted It

Before Wil Wheaton was on this series, he was on Star Trek: The Next Generation. According to, the star left the show in 1990 and only came back as a guest star. He later came to regret making that decision, since he ended up missing the other cast members.

2 The Writer's Strike Had A Big Impact On The Show


According to, there was a writer's strike going on during the show's first season. Only eight episodes had aired before it started, but they all had to be aired multiple times during the strike. The ratings were pretty solid the whole time, which showed that audiences really loved it.

1 Some Of The Characters Looked Very Different In The Original Pilot That Never Aired

The costumes in The Big Bang Theory usually make the characters seem much more relatable, since they all dress in a pretty average way unless they're at work. But according to, Leonard and Sheldon dressed in old-fashioned clothes in the original pilot, which can be pretty weird to see.canva

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