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Melissa Rauch Has Moved On And Is In A Lead Role On Night Court, But She Hasn't Ruled Out A Big Bang Theory Return

Although she was sad that was coming to an end, . However, these days, Melissa Rauch is in a completely different place, starring in and

In the following, we'll take a look at how Rauch got cast in . As it turns out, she had signed up for a producer role but given the context of her character, Melissa just couldn't stay away.

We're also going to reveal her thoughts on a possible revival. Although Rauch didn't shut it down, it doesn't seem like a 'now' type of project for the actress.

Melissa Rauch Initially Signed Up For Night Court As A Producer Behind The Scenes

As a 13-year-old, Melissa Rauch had a blast watching . Although she didn't always understand every joke, it made her that much more curious to find out. Rauch admitted that the show turned her into a huge sitcom fan, but not even Melissa could've predicted that decades later, she'd be appearing on that very same show.

This is Rauch's first major project since on-camera. However, Rauch did admit with that initially, , despite the offer to star in the show.

"I had every intention of just producing . I didn't think I wanted to be on camera in another sitcom right away, as much as I love doing them. When John Larroquette signed on, he asked if I would play Abby and I said that wasn't in the cards."

However, once Rauch started to read the script, she realized missing out would've been a big mistake.

"As the script came together, I really started to fall in love with the idea and kept thinking about how bummed I was going to feel being on set watching someone else get to do these great scenes with the legend that is John Larroquette. I said to my husband, Winston, who is also an EP on the show, “I'm gonna be a real dummy if I pass this up, huh?”

Of course, it is only natural that is still on Rauch's mind. However, she isn't enthusiastic about a reboot in the near future.

Melissa Rauch Isn't Open To A Big Bang Theory Revival Now, But She Is Open To The Idea Several Years From Now

Set for a return to , John Larroquette's situation got Melissa Rauch thinking. Although the actor accepted the role, for Rauch it made complete sense given that so much time had passed. She compared those feelings to and like John Larroquette,

"The only way that I had the thought was when I was talking to John about him coming back [to 'Night Court']. I did think about what that would feel like if someone was coming to me 30 years from now asking me if I would come back. At this moment, I'd be like, 'Ah, no, [‘The Big Bang Theory’] ended so perfectly.' I would never want to tamper with that."

Rauch continued on stating that a revival could be in the works, but it would have to be further into the future.

"I could see that happening. A revival right now — I'd be like, 'Nah, I don't think so.' But 30 years from now, if someone came knocking on my door the way I did to John — never say never."

Speaking of , Rauch got a great deal of support from her former team heading into the pilot.

Melissa Rauch Got Support From Her Big Bang Theory Family On-Set While Shooting The Pilot

Rauch was overcome with emotions while shooting the pilot for as producer and showrunner Steve Molaro and Steve Holland showed up to the set. Rauch adored the moment and almost began to cry. Though thankfully she was able to hold it together, given that she had just finished her makeup for the show.

Rauch revealed with "Steve Molaro and Steve Holland came by as we were filming one of the beginning scenes. I hadn't seen the Steves since early 2020, so when they showed up, I was so insanely happy to see them."

"I think I said, “I can't even look at you because I'm going to burst into tears and my poor makeup artist will have to redo everything.” They were so awesome as always. I love those guys and my family forever.

A great moment for Rauch who is starting a new adventure away from her Bernadette character and into Abby Stone.

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