Law & Order Addicts SUV: The Relationship has Progressed to the "Dating" Stage will be Revealed in the Season Finale

SVU has been secretive leading up to Liv's recent relationships. With Cassidy, Liv was seen coming to crime scene decked out from a date, and on a vacation flight smiling and looking at someone who isn't seen. It's revealed it's Cassidy when Munch and Amaro go to Cassidy's apartment and Liv is there.With Tucker it's strongly implied in the "Townhouse Incident" episode, where Liv's captor tells her she better have someone in authority in NYPD, who would miss her, to get negotiations moving, and Tucker shows up. It is a couple of episodes later in the "Manhattan Transfer/ Unholiest Alliance" episodes that the relationship is established.In the same vein, and this is totally speculation, since "Blood Out" episode and the near kiss/hug offscreen the relationship has progressed to the "dating" stage, which will be revealed in the Season finale

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