10 Best Cop Procedurals That Aren't 'Law and Order', Which One Do You Prefer? Comments ↓


 If you're tired of the usual Law and Order, here are some binge-worthy shows to check out.

"Rookie Blue" is a police drama set in Toronto that follows the lives of five rookies as they navigate their way through the struggles of being new cops. It's been compared to "Grey's Anatomy" but with a police twist.

"S.W.A.T." is an action-packed series about a S.W.A.T. team within the LAPD. While it may not be the most accurate portrayal of police tactics, it's a gripping show with charming characters.

"Chicago P.D." focuses on the Intelligence Unit of the CPD's 21st district and explores the crimes and lives of the team. It's known for its raw emotion and tough depiction of the streets of Chicago.


"Blue Bloods" has been entertaining viewers since 2010 with its likable characters and storylines. The show takes audiences through crimes in New York City, from drug busts to terrorist attacks.

"CSI: Crime Scene Investigation" started it all in Las Vegas in 2000. The show follows a team of investigators as they solve murders using evidence collected at crime scenes. Drama is guaranteed.

"Hawaii Five-0" is a modern reboot of the iconic 1970s show. It follows a specialized task force in Hawaii as they tackle crimes ranging from robberies to terrorism threats.

"Line of Duty" is a British police procedural that focuses on bringing down corruption within the force. With its intense storylines and few episodes per season, it's perfect for binge-watching.


"Criminal Minds" is a long-running hit that focuses on an elite team of FBI profilers tracking down criminals. With its 16th season currently airing, it remains one of CBS's most popular shows.

"Luther" may not be technically classified as a police procedural, but it follows DCI John Luther as he deals with horrendous crimes in London. The series is known for its edge-of-your-seat storylines.

"NCIS" follows the Naval Criminal Investigative Service as they tackle criminal activity within the Navy and Marine Corps. With twenty seasons and counting, it's one of the longest-running shows ever.


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