NCIS spoilers: Fans uncover Abby Sciuto's real name in unearthed scene

fans have had various favourite characters over the 17 years of the show being active. While the show has mostly maintained the same core members of the team, there have been some changes in the ongoing journey. One of the biggest blows to the franchise was just a few seasons ago, when Abby Sciuto star Pauley Perrette decided to step away from the show.

Abby was one of the best-loved characters in the show, and appeared in almost as many episodes as the leading man, Agent Jethro Gibbs (played by Mark Harmon).

Unfortunately for fans, Abby decided to take her leave, putting another agent in her place, and ending the relationships she had made over the years prior.

While many fans would consider themselves experts on NCIS, not everything was known about Abby.

Now, fans have uncovered some key details about Abby in some of the earlier seasons, including her real full name.

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