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After The Big Bang Theory: What The 10 Main Actors Are Doing Next

Who doesn't miss nights with the Pasadena-based, scientific friend group? truly gave its fans performances that they would never forget. From the relationship fluctuations to its passion for nerd culture and science, the whole gang kept up its consistency with the comedy. Witty comments were made by every single cast member, at the most opportune moments, to the point where it was difficult not to laugh along.

The cast ultimately made the show, and deserved the accolades they received, so fans might want to know what they are all up to now? It certainly must have been difficult to move past the characters they played for 12 seasons. But, as professionals, moving forward with their careers was inevitable for most of them.

Kaley Cuoco: The Man From Toronto; Meet Cute

Cuoco's career didn't stop after the CBS hit show. Since leaving her character, Penny, she has starred in HBO's .She has also been the voice behind Harley Quinn in the eponymous adult animated series, which was a big change from her former, beloved character, Penny.

Now, Kaley's on her way to star in the 2021 action comedy film, . The Patrick Hughes-directed film includes an all-star cast, with Woody Harrelson, Kevin Hart, and Ellen Barkin also starring alongside Cuoco. She's also currently filming a comedy called which stars Pete Davidson.

Johnny Galecki: Focusing On Fatherhood

Fans . After playing Leonard for 12 seasons, Galecki has appeared in both TV and a movie. Once ended in 2019, Galecki made a few appearances in

He also starred in the film, (2019), as the deceased character, Henry. His future roles are much different from the comical, science-focused scholar that Leonard is. Galecki hasn't been cast in any known projects recently, as his last known on-screen performances were in 2019. According to his , Galecki has been focusing his attention on being a father to his son.

Jim Parsons: So Much; Spoiler Alert

Sheldon Cooper's character wasn't going to fade away so quickly, as Parsons provides his voice for the spinoff show, His character was far too awesome to be left in the past.

Aside from his well-known, brainiac character, Parsons has also starred in multiple projects outside realm. In the Netflix original, , Parsons played the lead prosecuting lawyer, Larry Simpson, who worked on the Ted Bundy case. Up next, he has two projects in post-production. One, a TV movie, called , and another starring alongside Ben Aldridge called .

Simon Helberg: Space Oddity; As Sick As They Made Us

Fans will probably never forget the sound of Howard's name being shouted by his mother bellowing from their TV screens. with such skill that he became a firm fan-favorite who always delivered laughs throughout the show, especially through his ability to imitate famous people.

After  wrapped, Helberg starred as The Conductor in Adam Driver and Marion Cotillard's Since then, he's starring in two upcoming projects in post-production called  and .

Kunal Nayyar: Spaceman; Suspicion; The Storied Life of A.J. Fikry

Kunal Nayyar is one busy actor. After his time playing the love-stricken Raj came to an end in 2019, Nayyar was cast in several projects and will be seen on both the big screen and the small screen.

In 2020, Nayyar voiced Guy Diamond in , he also played Mr. Mills in . Nowadays, he has three projects in post-production that don't have a release date as of yet: the TV series , and .

Mayim Bialik: The Inspector Chronicles; As Sick As They Made Us

It shouldn't come as a big surprise to dedicated fans that Mayim Bialik's life outside of acting is pretty busy, as she is also educated as a neuroscientist.

However, after playing the adorable and intelligent Amy Farrah Fowler, Bialik got another role on TV. The only exception is that this time, she played the titular character on the sitcom in More recently, it's been announced that she's voicing The B.O.O.T.H in She's also directing the project that Simon Helberg is in.

Melissa Rauch: The Chicken Squad; Night Court

Thanks to Melissa Rauch, not one viewer of could ever forget the sweet, high-pitched voice that Bernadette has all throughout the show even when she's yelling at Howard or delivering ).

Rauch was cast in the voice role of Gwen The Cat in , released in September of 2020.However, around the time that concluded in 2019, Rauch also starred in a Steven Soderbergh biographical drama, Coming up, she's starring as Abby Stone in a TV series called . Fans can also catch her in 2021's TV series, .

Kevin Sussman: No Upcoming Projects

Well, who could ever forget about Stuart? Without this famous secondary character, scenes in the comic book store, and entire episodes, wouldn't have been as funny. Thanks to Kevin Sussman, Stuart's character got to grow into one of the most important in the cast.

It looks like Sussman hasn't been in any well-known projects after 2019, but the actor is also an accomplished writer who could potentially be working on a new project.

Sara Gilbert: Bucktown

Sara Gilbert's face is famous for a lot of different roles as the actor is pretty skilled at wearing many hats. Fans recognize her from the CBS talk show, , as a former co-host and creator of the show. Her recurring role as Leslie Winkle on added a great comical spice with some of the best one-liners in the show.

Since the show finished, Gilbert has featured in numerous projects. She earned a recurring role in Season 3 of the Netflix show, , as Professor Judd. Up next, it's been announced that she's producing a new TV series called

Laura Spencer: 13 Minutes; Kevin Vs. Josh

Laura Spencer's character, Emily, was an important addition to Raj's story. After starring in a few episodes of , Spencer went on to star in and .

According to Spencer's IMDb profile, Spencer is in a few projects that are completed but not yet released. She's in a TV series called a film called , and a TV movie called .

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