Young Sheldon Season 7's George Sr. Plot Benefits From A Forgotten Rivalry

Pastor Rob Could Make George Sr.'s Life Harder In Young Sheldon Season 7

In Young Sheldon season 6, episode 9, "College Dropouts and the Medford Miracle," George Sr. was frustrated by his team's reaction to their recent winning streak. Even though George Sr. felt that his hard work was responsible for the team's string of successes, the team and his assistant coach Wayne Wilkins gave credit for this blessing to Pastor Rob. Wayne invited the Pastor to pray with the team before each game, thus depriving George Sr. of his due credit. By the end of the episode, George Sr.'s conflict with Pastor Rob was far from finished. However, Young Sheldon never addressed this issue later in season 6.

Fortunately, Young Sheldon season 7 can explain many unfinished plots including this story. This would give Pastor Rob and Mary a reason to reunite. Mary's relationship with Pastor Rob was a source of consternation for George Sr. during season 6, but this could become significantly worse in Young Sheldon season 7. If Pastor Rob continues to work with the beleaguered coach and keeps getting credit for George Sr.'s wins, George Sr. could end up confronting the Pastor. If this were to happen, Mary would finally need to pick between Pastor Rob and George Sr., which would expose the extent of her attraction to the shy preacher.

Reviving George Sr.'s Pastor Rob Plot Helps Young Sheldon Season 7's Mary Story

It is hard to see Mary re-establishing contact with Pastor Rob after her and George Sr's marital struggles, which could make it hard for Young Sheldon season 7 to address Pastor Rob's return. However, this comeback would make more sense if Pastor Rob was a persistent presence in George Sr's work life. If Wayne insisted on keeping Pastor Rob around, this could imperil Mary and George Sr.'s ability to ignore their respective relationships with Pastor Rob and Brenda. Since the marriage of Young Sheldon's Mary and George Sr. is already hanging by a thread, The Big Bang Theory spinoff's seventh season should bring back this subplot.

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