Sam Heughan REVEALS What He'll Miss MOST When Outlander Ends..What is it?


In a recent interview, actor Sam Heughan opened up about what he will miss the most when the popular television series Outlander comes to an end. Heughan, who has played the role of Jamie Fraser in the show since 2014, shared his emotional connection to the character and the cast, highlighting the strong bond they have built over the years.

Heughan expressed his gratitude for being part of such an incredible journey and acknowledged the impact Outlander has had on his life. He admitted that letting go of the show will be difficult, as it has become a significant part of who he is as an actor.


However, what Heughan revealed he will miss the most is the sense of community that Outlander has created. He described the cast and crew as a family, and spoke fondly of the friendships and relationships they have formed. The actor emphasized the joy of working alongside such talented individuals, who have become his closest friends.

Heughan also discussed the interactions with the passionate and dedicated fans of the show. He acknowledged the support he has received from the Outlander fanbase and expressed how much he appreciates their love for the story and the characters.

In conclusion, Sam Heughan will miss the sense of community and the relationships he has built throughout his time on Outlander. While the show's end will be bittersweet, he remains grateful for the experience and the impact it has had on his life and career.


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