'Big Bang Theory' Star Kaley Cuoco Revealed Her "Favorite" Makeup Secret

Kaley Cuoco knows a thing or two about Hollywood glam. Her frequent magazine covers and red carpet stints seem indicator enough. And after all her years in the makeup chair, the Based on a True Story star just put fans onto her biggest beauty secret these days.

Celebrity makeup artist (and friend of Kaley's)  Jamie Greenberg shared a behind-the-scenes glimpse of the actress's makeup routine on Instagram. Together, Jamie and Kaley marveled over the Ben Nye Final Seal setting spray, even capturing it in action.

The professional MUA previewed in her caption: "New fave alert 🚨 Here's Kaley's go-to setting spray put to the test on girls' night," she wrote. "@bennyemakeup has been a Hollywood staple for a loooong time, so I'm not surprised!"

Nearly halfway through the video, the pair checked in to report the Instagram-worthy results. Kaley showed off the hallmarks of a great mattifying makeup setting spray: a virtually shine-free complexion and budge-proof makeup.

"We were outdoors near a fire pit," the actress emphasized. "I haven't put any powder on, and I haven't put any makeup on. Like neither. Nothing." Jamie pointed out that all their eye shadow, eye liner and mascara were left intact — sans touch-ups.

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Fans of The Big Bang Theorystar seemed to approve. "Kaleys skin is perfect," one person wrote under the post's comment section. And while new to the starlet, the setting spray already seemed to be a hit among others.

"Former Disney princess here ... This is what we use in the parks to hold makeup on impossibly hot, long days!" another added. "Been using the spray for years. Literally will not need to touch up at all. Best secret ever," a different person said.

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