Days of our Lives Spoilers: Ava Vitali and Harris Michaels Secretly Meet


Days of Our Lives spoilers reveal that there will be a private meeting between Ava Vitali and Harris Michaels. Harris then goes to confront Clyde Weston in Statesville Prison, but he ends up getting shot. Fans are left wondering if Ava is the next target.

Harris Michaels has been unable to stop thinking about Ava Vitali. He even confessed to Dr. Marlena Evans that he is in love with her. However, when he acted on his feelings and kissed her, Ava slapped him. Despite this, fans believe that Ava may also have feelings for the hunky cop, including her former lover Stefan DiMera. But Ava denies caring for Harris as she knows that being involved with him could put her freedom and his life at risk.


In the upcoming episodes of DOOL, Harris and his ex-girlfriend will meet in secret. It is unclear whether Ava wants to proclaim her love for him or if she has information to share with him to get Clyde Weston off her back. Some viewers speculate that she may be setting up her ex-boyfriend.

Harris also confronts Clyde Weston in Statesville Prison. The Salem PD is closing in on Clyde, but they need more evidence to charge him as the head of the drug ring. The previous bust brought them closer, but Officer Goldman shot the perpetrator and Officer Phillips heard two shots fired. Fans believe that one or both officers may be working with the criminal mastermind.


Even Police Commissioner Rafe Hernandez suspects that there is a dirty cop on his team.

Harris visits the prison hoping to gather enough evidence to finally end Clyde's reign of terror. However, Chad DiMera and Everett Lynch have already interviewed Clyde but he refuses to give them the information they need. Can Harris succeed where others have failed?

Being a cop in DOOL is risky, and Harris finds himself under fire. Ava rushes to his side, leading fans to speculate that she may be the shooter. However, it is revealed that she is not directly responsible for the shooting. There are rumors that Harris will die in the line of duty, but there is a possibility that he may appear as a ghost or in flashbacks in the coming months.


As for Ava, she could be next on Clyde's hitlist if she reveals what she knows to Harris. Fans are left wondering if she can break free from Clyde's control.

Viewers are eagerly anticipating the secret meeting between Ava and Harris in the upcoming episodes. They won't want to miss a moment of this suspenseful storyline on Days of Our Lives.

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