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“I have a thing for brown hair and brown eyes”: Jim Parsons Revealed His Love for Big Bang Theory Co-Star Kunal Nayyar, Said He “Checked off all my boxes”

Jim Parsons is one of the most loved actors in the world. The American actor first rose to fame for his role as Sheldon Cooper in the hit sitcom series, . He also won four PrimeTime Emmy awards for his lead role in the series. The show is still one of the most loved sitcoms in the world, even though it ended back in 2019 after running for 12 seasons. The show was absolutely iconic in the plot and covered the story of four nerdy friends who lived their lives in New Pasadena.

Back in 2019, before the series aired its final episode, Jim Parsons once revealed in an interview that he thought his co-star Kunal Nayyar, was really handsome on his first meeting.

Jim Parsons thought that Kunal Nayyar was “the most handsome man

The full lead cast of appeared for an interview on in 2019. In the episode, Stephen Colbert asked everyone what were their first impressions of one another. Kunal Nayyar said that he thought that ““. questioned his co-star and asked him if it was his real answer. Nayyar instantly denied it and said ““. Parsons said that he was asked this question on the pre-interview as well.

He further revealed that there were multiple opinions but the one the writers made him do on the air was that he thought Kunal Nayyar looked very handsome. He said, “” Parsons further added that brown hair and brown eyes are his weaknesses. He said,

“I have a thing for brown hair and brown eyes, it really checked off all my boxes and later I thought he was really talented too.“

The Hidden Figures actor felt weird working beside James Earl Jones

Just like every other hit sitcom, also brought some high-profile celebrities on their show from time to time. James Earl Jones appeared as one of the guest appearances on the show in the 7th season of the series. However, Jim Parsons felt quite weird acting with such a legendary actor. He once shared his experience of working with James Earl Jones in an interview, saying,

“I knew of him from his long legacy of the highest art of acting…this inspirational orb of valiant actors that are floating out there, where you’re like, ‘One day I hope I get to be an orb-like that’ So there was something unsettling about the fact that he was there on our set in a weird way to me!“

Well, Parsons can’t really be blamed for this feeling while working with such a big-name celebrity like James Earl Jones. He even joked that he should have consulted with a therapist prior to the filming of the episode.

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