Young Sheldon Season 7 Uncertain Fate Makes Its Biggest Sheldon & Missy Problem Worse

Young Sheldon fans may have to wait longer for Season 7 due to the ongoing Writers Guild Strike and SAG-AFTRA strike. The delay could result in a shorter season, which is concerning considering the unresolved plotlines from the Season 6 finale. The Coopers faced various challenges, including conflicts between Sheldon and Missy. Despite their disagreements, they remained a compelling pair and fans hope to see more of their dynamic in future seasons.

The Season 6 finale left off with a cliffhanger as Meemaw's house was destroyed by a tornado. This event would bring significant changes for the Coopers, such as Connie moving in with Dale and Georgie and Mandy transferring to George and Missy's house. Meanwhile, Sheldon would be starting his summer program in Germany, leaving Mary unaware of the situation back home. The delay in Season 7 could lead to fewer episodes, making it difficult to wrap up the series properly and address all the loose ends.

Another issue arising from the delay is the rapid growth of the actors playing Sheldon and Missy, Iain Armitage and Raegan Revord. Both actors are already 15 years old, but their characters have recently turned 13 in the series. The noticeable age difference has been a subject of criticism, and a prolonged delay could exacerbate this problem. If Season 7 picks up immediately after the Season 6 finale, the actors may look significantly different by the time filming resumes.

To address this issue, CBS could consider implementing a time jump in Season 7. By skipping the immediate aftermath of the Season 6 finale and fast-forwarding a couple of months, the show can account for the physical changes in the actors. Since Sheldon will be in Germany for the summer, it would make sense to restart the series once the entire family is back home, allowing for a fresh start and the opportunity to explore their dynamics further.

In conclusion, the delay of Young Sheldon Season 7 due to the ongoing strikes poses several challenges. It could result in a shorter season, making it difficult to wrap up the series properly. Additionally, the noticeable age difference between the actors and their characters may become more pronounced. However, by implementing a time jump and restarting the series when the whole family is back home, CBS can address these issues and continue to deliver compelling storytelling centered around Sheldon and Missy.

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