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Big Bang Theory Star Reflects On Her Falling Out With Neil Patrick Harris, Explained

star Mayim Bialik recalls her falling out with Neil Patrick Harris. Both began their careers as teenage stars in the '90s, with Bialik appearing in a small part on Harris' medical drama Later on, he would guest on . The two young actors became friends during this time, but it didn't last long.

Their paths soon diverged as Bialik took a break from being an actress and went back to school instead. She made her TV comeback playing Amy Farrah-Fowler in  season 3. The next year, she was promoted to a series regular, and she ended up playing the part until the show ended in 2019. Meanwhile, Harris stayed active in the industry, appearing in a string of big and small screen projects, most notably as Barney Stinson in , and later on as Count Olaf in Netflix's . He was also active in theater, with  being his first-ever outing on stage where he played Mark Cohen.

That's when Bialik and Harris' falling out occurred, as shared by the former in a recent guest appearance in . While talking about her less than enthusiastic views on musicals, the actress and revealed that Harris stopped talking to her after he caught her saying that she didn't want to stand up after a performance of . After realizing what happened, she jumped to her feet to join the crowd, but it was too late. What made this particularly bad is that Harris had secured her and her family good seats at the front. Read Bialik's comments, below:

"When your friend is in the play and then everybody is clapping at the end, and you say to your boyfriend next to you, 'I don't want to stand for this,' and then you look up and Neil Patrick Harris is looking right at you — it's a bad day."He said, I kid you not, 'Why did you say you weren't going to stand up?' It was terrible. It was bad."

Harris' reaction is understandable. After all, they were friends and Bialik even said he was good in the musical. She explained she's just not the type who gives a standing ovation for musicals, possibly because she's not a fan of them in general. That being said, it was admittedly rude for her to not show support, especially when seated at the front and the performers can see her. It's not as if a standing ovation was undeserved. Harris did eventually forgive Bialik for her behavior, sending her flowers when he learned that she still feels terrible about what happened. It's uncertain, however, if they're back to being friends again.

Following , Bialik is currently busy with , produced by her former on-screen partner, Jim Parsons. Aside from that, she's also hosting . As a self-pronounced fan of the game show, many were thrilled about her involvement, though her hiring has also brought attention to her previous controversial comments about vaccines and Harvey Weinstein victims. Still, she's set to spearhead the program during prime time specials, as well as occasional daily episodes as the game show continues its search for a permanent host.

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