Big Bang Theory May Give Howard & Bernadette A FRIENDS Ending

The latest episode of The Big Bang Theory suggests that Howard and Bernadette might follow the footsteps of Chandler and Monica's endgame in Friends. In "The Meteorite Manifestation," the Wolowitzes enlist Sheldon's help to resolve a zoning dispute with their new neighbor's balcony overlooking their deck. However, Sheldon discovers that their own deck is also built illegally, but decides to keep quiet about it. If their neighbor retaliates and exposes their violation, the Wolowitzes may have to leave their home, which could lead to an effective way to end the show. Like Chandler and Monica, Howard and Bernadette are the most family-centric couples among their group, and a potential conflict with their neighbor could be an inciting incident for them to find a bigger house for their growing family. Mark Hamill may even make a cameo as the mysterious neighbor, who officiated Amy and Sheldon's wedding last season.

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