One Young Sheldon Spoiler That Gave Away Season 7’s Biggest Plot Twist!

Young Sheldon is doing everything it can to put off George Cooper's inevitable demise, but the deadline is approaching.

Young Sheldon 's canon is predetermined by its sequel series The Big Bang Theory. One fact that the original show has established early on is that George Cooper dies when Sheldon is 14 years old.

In Young Sheldon season 6, the young genius, played by Iain Armitage, is already 13 years old and is about to discover the wonders of German education by the time of the finale. Despite the fact that the writers of the series have tried to slow down the timeline, season 7 has to feature Sheldon's 14th birthday and the events that follow.

Another fun fact from The Big Bang Theory is that before George dies, he cheats on Mary, and Sheldon is the one who literally catches him in the act.

While this hasn't taken place in Young Sheldon yet, the prequel's season 6 does explore George and Mary's marital problems further until the couple makes up completely out of the blue and never talks about their issues ever again, which seems odd to the audience.

Episode 16 titled A Stolen Truck and Going on the Lam is the moment Young Sheldon has basically confirmed what is going to happen in the upcoming season of the show. Remember the scene when George, Mary, and Linda are coming to pick up Missy and Paige, and Linda suggests therapy to them as a way to work through their issues?

Linda's experience with therapy has led her and her husband to divorce, which sounds scandalous to both Coopers. Mary denies that they would ever get divorced, and George comments, "Over my dead body." His wife quickly retorts, "That's exactly how it's going to end."

Young Sheldon may be a sitcom, but things have taken a darker turn in that episode. Mary and George's conversation, played for laughs, foreshadows how their relationship will end in reality.

They never get to solve their problems or divorce each other simply because George passes away before any of that could theoretically happen.

Considering that Sheldon is turning 14 next season and George's affair is still looming, this exchange is evidence enough of the gravest plot twist to come in Young Sheldon season 7. Hold on tight, folks.

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