The Magical Minds: Cast Unleash Their Wildest Fantasies in a Dream Episode | Kirsten Vangsness, Zach Gilford


The cast of the show Criminal Minds: Evolution, including Kirsten Vangsness and Zach Gilford, recently discussed their dream episode for the series.

Vangsness, who plays the character of Penelope Garcia on the show, expressed her desire for an episode that focuses on the characters' personal lives and relationships rather than just the criminal cases they solve. She believes that exploring the emotional side of the characters would create a more dynamic and well-rounded show.

Gilford, who joined the cast in its most recent season, shared his vision of an episode that takes place entirely in the mind of a serial killer. He explained that this type of episode would provide a unique opportunity to delve into the psychology of the killer and understand their motivations and thought processes.


Both actors agreed that they would like to see more character development and depth in future episodes of the show. They believe that this would not only engage the audience on a deeper level but also provide a platform for the actors to showcase their talents.

The cast also discussed the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the show and how it has affected their ability to film. Vangsness shared that they have had to adapt to new safety measures, such as wearing masks and social distancing on set. Despite the challenges, they are grateful to continue working and entertaining their audience during these uncertain times.

Overall, the cast of Criminal Minds: Evolution is enthusiastic about the possibilities for their dream episode and hopes to continue to engage their viewers with compelling storytelling and dynamic character development.


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