For a while, was known as that goofy sitcom starring that often had some jokes that some would call inappropriate. Several seasons in, however, Sheen's offscreen antics became impossible to ignore. .

Even though Sheen's dramatic personal life overshadowed the fictional plotlines on Two and a Half Men at times, fans still love many of the characters. One of the most hilarious characters was Judith Harper-Melnick. Marin Hinkle played this character in 65 episodes of Two and a Half Men. Here's what she thought of Charlie Sheen while she filmed the popular sitcom.

Did Two And A Half Men Co-Stars Marin Hinkle And Charlie Sheen Get Along?


Given Charlie Sheen's reputation, it seems possible that some of his Two and a Half Men co-stars might have had a hard time working with him. Since Marin Hinkle played Jon Cryer's character Alan Harper's former wife from seasons 1 to 9, the majority of her scenes saw her interacting with Cryer. But since was still, of course, on the same TV set as Sheen, who played the main character from season 1 to his departure after season 8.

Whenever she talks about Two and a Half Men, Marin Hinkle has never shared anything negative about Charlie Sheen. She hasn't said that he made life on set difficult or that his offscreen life ruined her acting experience.


Hinkle hasn't really said much about Sheen in general. It doesn't seem that the two actors were ever friends. While fans would assume that they were cordial and professional when interacting on the Two and a Half Men set, neither one has said that they are pals.

However, in 2011, when his controversies became too difficult and notable to ignore. According to Us Weekly, in January 2011, Sheen was told he had to check into a rehab center. He then lost his job at Two and a Half Men when he insulted the sitcom's creator Chuck Lorre.


In an interview with E! News, and that she and her fellow actors were talking about the situation. She said:

It sounds like Charlie Sheen's situation definitely affected the rest of the Two and a Half Men cast. Marin Hinkle's comments were kind and compassionate, and she sounded genuinely concerned about him.

While Hinkle doesn't seem to have been close friends with Sheen, she did get along well with her Two and a Half Men co-stars Ryan Stiles and Jon Cryer.

In a 2015 interview with The Columbus Dispatch, Marin Hinkle talked about the Two and a Half Men finale and shared how much she loves her two co-stars.


Hinkle said of Stiles and Cryer:

Marin Hinkle Enjoyed Starring On The Sitcom Two And A Half Men

Marin Hinkle may not have starred in a lot of comedies, but Two and a Half Men fans loved watching her on the sitcom. It sounds like she was happy during her days on the show.

In 2009, Marin Hinkle was interviewed by The Paley Center and she shared that after starring in the drama genre, she liked the challenge of comedy.

She continued that she didn't always understand the jokes on Two And A Half Men and liked portraying a character who is nothing like her. This definitely sounds like it must have been an interesting experience.


If an actor has a lot in common with a character, then that must be fun since they can easily relate. But on the other hand, it's nice to have a challenge.

In 2007, in an interview with Cape Cod Times. She explained that she wanted to star in plays during her summer breaks from Two And A Half Men to ensure that she was still satisfying her need to express herself. She said of the sitcom:

While it must have been tough for the entire cast of Two and a Half Men to watch Charlie Sheen struggle, they were still able to make the TV show that they wanted to. It sounds like Marin Hinkle really appreciates her experience on the series.