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10 Most Powerful Non-Hogwarts Harry Potter Characters You Never Know!


When the Harry Potter series introduced the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, it presented fans with the magical school of their dreams. While most of the characters in the story attended the Scottish castle for their education, some of them began their magical journey at other academies.

So far, eight schools located in Europe, Africa, America, and Asia have been revealed in Harry Potter. Each of these schools has its own set of powerful witches and wizards who have made their mark in the wizarding world.


10. Fleur Delacour Represented Beauxbatons In The Triwizard Tournament

Before joining the battle against Voldemort and marrying into the Weasley family, Fleur was one of Beauxbatons Academy Of Magic's best students. In Goblet Of Fire, she represented her school as a Triwizard Tournament champion, but she was unable to fully demonstrate her skills and finished in fourth place.

Fleur's quarter-Veela ancestry gave her a sort of inhuman beauty that allured others, though she seldom used it to her advantage. She was also particularly adept at Charms and was able to produce a non-corporeal Patronus and to cast non-verbally.


9. Viktor Krum Was One Of The Top Students At Durmstrang Institute

Viktor was first introduced during the Quidditch World Cup. At the games, he showcased his innate flying ability by representing the Bulgarian national team and managing to catch the Snitch for his country. Months later, he was revealed as one of the top students at Durmstrang Institute when he applied to the Triwizard Tournament.

Given his strict schooling, Viktor was said to be an experienced duelist with a wide knowledge of the Dark Arts.


During the Tournament, he successfully blinded his dragon with a curse and transfigured his top half into a shark head to recover Hermione from the Black Lake.

8. Kazuhiro Shiratori Was Expelled From Mahoutokoro For Practicing The Dark Arts

First appearing in the Hogwarts Mystery mobile game, Kazuhiro Shiratori was a student at the Japanese magic academy, Mahoutokoro. After being expelled for turning to the Dark Arts and possibly using them at school, he fled to England where he submerged himself in the country's wizarding underworld.

Kazuhiro worked as an assassin for R, a secret society that dealt with dark artifacts and other dangerous objects.


He was a highly skilled Occlumens and duelist who managed to defeat several Aurors before being subdued by Moody. He was eventually sent to Azkaban to serve a life sentence for his crimes.

7. Olympe Maxime Went On To Become Beauxbatons' Headmistress

One of the most respected witches in Europe, Madame Maxime likely studied at Beauxbatons before taking over the post of Headmistress. She was incredibly powerful and capable of performing complex spells, like a Conjunctivitis Curse, quickly and effortlessly without needing to say the incantation out loud.


As a half-Giantess, Madame Maxime also possessed superhuman strength and a high level of spell resistance that made her almost invulnerable to magic.

6. Libatius Borage Was One Of Castelobruxo's Most Famous Alumni

Not much is known about Libatius Borage's time at the Brazilian wizarding school Castelobruxo. However, Libatius would go on to become one of the most renowned Potioneers in modern history.

Borage's most well-known book, "Advanced Potion-Making," was discussed at Hogwarts and was used as a textbook in NEWT-level classes. Aside from being knowledgeable in Potions, Borage also seemed to have investigated Alchemy, as he'd discussed the topic in his published works several times.


5. Tina Goldstein Was Sorted Into Thunderbird House At Ilvermorny

During her adolescence, Tina attended Ilvermorny School and was sorted into Thunderbird, the house of adventurers. After graduating, she trained to become an Auror and began working for the American Wizarding government (MACUSA) until her dismissal for attacking an abusive No-Maj.

Tina's Auror training and experience made her an extremely accomplished witch. Not only was she a Defense Against the Dark Arts expert, but she was also a superb duelist who managed to hold her own against Grindelwald and his Black Fire.


Tina was also adept at Charms and non-verbal spells, showing her magical mastery.

4. Queenie Goldstein Was A Member Of Pukwudgie House At Ilvermorny

The youngest of the Goldstein sisters, Queenie first followed Tina to Ilvermorny where she was sorted into Pukwudgie house. Queenie then started working for MACUSA in the Wand Permit Office. Her forbidden love for Jacob Kowalski led her to sympathize with Grindelwald's ideals in The Crimes Of Grindelwald.

One of the most accomplished Legilimens of all time, Queenie was able to infiltrate other people's minds and examine them in search of information and memories.


She was also incredibly talented at Charms and could perform magic both wandlessly and non-verbally.

3. Seraphina Picquery Chose Her Own House At Ilvermorny

President Picquery began attending Ilvermorny at the beginning of the twentieth century. An extremely talented and promising witch, she was one of the few students to be given the privilege of choosing her own house, ultimately selecting the house of scholars, Horned Serpent.

As President of MACUSA, Picquery led the search for the Obscurus Credence Barebone and the fight against Grindelwald, and made most North American magical creatures a protected species.


Though she was adept at all kinds of magic, she was particularly proficient with Memory charms.

2. Gellert Grindelwald Was Durmstrang's Most Gifted Student

Unlike his friend and future lover Albus Dumbledore, Grindelwald was educated at Durmstrang Institute where he excelled as one of the school's strongest students. His obsession with the Deathly Hallows and the Dark Arts led to his expulsion before he could finish his magical education.

Grindelwald was a charismatic leader with expertise in all branches of magic. He was especially talented at the Dark Arts and dueling, and was also proficient in elemental, wandless, and non-verbal magic.


Grindelwald was also a gifted born Seer, which meant he was able to remember his visions and use them to his advantage.

1. Nicolas Flamel Studied At Beauxbatons During The Middle Ages

Decades after being mentioned in Philosopher's Stone, Nicolas Flamel made his first appearance in Crimes Of Grindelwald. An acclaimed French wizard, Flamel was a Beauxbatons student during the Middle Ages. He began harboring an interest in Potions and the science of Alchemy.

Flamel was the first and only person to have successfully created a Philosopher's Stone, a solid substance that's able to produce the Elixir of Life. Over the centuries, he acquired an enormous amount of experience and knowledge on kinds of magic, including the Dark Arts and Divination.

In conclusion, these non-Hogwarts characters have proven that magical education can be found in various corners of the wizarding world, and their accomplishments have left an indelible mark on the Harry Potter universe.

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