Young Sheldon Season 6’s Missy Problem Is Getting Worse—Express News

Young Sheldon Takes Missy More Seriously Than Sheldon

However, the disparity between ’s tone when depicting Sheldon and Missy’s stories is constantly growing, and this is not necessarily a good thing for spinoff. Where proved that the show's tone is light and goofy when depicting Sheldon’s misadventures, the tragic story of Missy running away from home inseason 6, episode 16, “A Stolen Truck and Going on the Lam” showed a very different side of the series. Sheldon is a goofier character and Missy is more tuned into/concerned by the breakdown of their George Sr. and Mary's marriage, which makes her story much more dramatic.

Since Missy and Sheldon are twins, it is impossible for season 6 to draw attention away from the obvious tonal contrast between their stories. Not only that but spinoff is also named after Sheldon, meaning can’t focus on Missy’s sad storyline while ignoring its title character for a few episodes at a time. This means that season 6 suffers from a unique tonal problem wherein Missy and Sheldon are both observing the same marital breakdown between their parents, but Sheldon sees this as a mere distraction whereas it is a tragic, life-altering event for Missy.