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Mariska Hargitay Bewilders Fans With Photo of 'Self-Care' Ritual

 is sharing one of her  rituals with fans on Instagram—even if they have no idea what it is or how it works.

The Law & Order: Special Victims Unit star took to social media with a photo depicting one thing she does to maintain her appearance, and fans and followers were puzzled, wondering what exactly the contraption on her face is.

In the image, the 59-year-old can be seen laid out on the floor in a navy blue bathrobe—personal belongings including a cell phone and glasses sprawled out around her—with a large piece of mask-like equipment covering her face and head.

"Me time -careSunday ," Hargitay captioned the upload.

The comment section was filled to the brim with countless followers inquiring about what exactly it is that this "mysterious" regimen entails.

"Girl what is this," one user candidly asked, as another confessed, "I know nothing about this, and yet, I feel like I need it in my ."

"So what exactly is happening here explain it too [sic] me like I’m poor (I am!)," a third follower hilariously quipped, with a fourth questioning, "Uh, what is this? What does it do?"

Others commended her self-care practice, writing: "Yes ma'am!! Self care is most important! They always say put your mask on before you try to help other. Pamper yourself like the Queen you are! ♥️👑💅🏿," and, "I’m always happy when you share pictures of you enjoying  time and self care time away from work b/c after visiting the set last year, I know how hard you guys work! And lying on the floor is just awesome 😂"

Two more followers dropped  simply about the look of the machinery, writing, "What in the Guardians of the Galaxy is going on here?" and, "What in the  is happening here???"

One fan who was familiar with the treatment chimed in saying it was "Well deserved! ❤️," before adding, "For those wondering, it looks like a LightStim Elipsa which treats wrinkles and  at the same time."

From the looks of it, Hargitay is likely indulging in what is known as red light therapy, which is “the use of light to treat skin and other health conditions,” according to , the founding director of the Center for Photomedicine at SUNY Downstate Health Sciences University in Brooklyn, New York.

All we know for sure is that we can definitely hop on the bandwagon to advocate for more !

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