Surprising Feline Delivery: Medical Team Discovers They're Not Ordinary Fuzzballs


In China, a cat owner was in for a surprise when their pet, named Mulan, gave birth to what initially appeared to be four black kittens. However, upon closer examination, it became clear that these weren't normal kittens. The "kittens" turned out to be four tiny puppies.

The owner had believed Mulan to be a female cat until she gave birth to what she thought were kittens. Wondering how her cat could have given birth to puppies, she immediately took them to a local veterinarian for an explanation.

The veterinarian confirmed that the small creatures were indeed puppies. Moreover, it had been scientifically proven that cats giving birth to puppies is an extremely rare occurrence. This phenomenon is known as superfetation, where a female animal becomes pregnant while still pregnant from a prior mating. However, it is more commonly observed in mammals such as dogs, and is virtually unheard of in cats.


The veterinarian explained that Mulan had likely mated with a male dog shortly after becoming pregnant with kittens, causing the two pregnancies to overlap. The puppies were healthy and nursing from their feline mother.

This unusual event took place in December 2020 and quickly gained attention on social media platforms. Mulan and her four canine offspring are now being closely monitored by the veterinarian to ensure their continued well-being.

In conclusion, this extraordinary occurrence, where a cat gave birth to puppies, has amazed many people due to its rarity. Doctors explained that the phenomenon is called superfetation and is highly uncommon in cats. The cat and her puppies are currently being cared for by a veterinarian.


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