The Next Big Bang Theory Spinoff Gets Exciting & Mysterious Update From Chuck Lorre

Chuck Lorre has offered a cryptic update on the next spinoff within The Big Bang Theory franchise. The comedy series currently consists of the completed original show and an ongoing prequel series, Young Sheldon. In April, a new show within the sitcom's universe was confirmed to be in development at Max, with no further details given at the time.

Speaking with TVLine, Lorre has offered up a mysterious update surrounding the upcoming second spinoff of The Big Bang Theory. The creator indicated the show was still in the early stages of development, comparing it to a pregnancy to indicate how far along the series is. Check out what Lorre had to say below:

It's prenatal. Yeah, you don't talk about the birth until the second trimester, I believe, is the rule. That's a long way of saying no, I've got nothing to say about it other than it's something that we are discussing.

What Will The Next Big Bang Theory Spinoff Be About?

Details on the next installment in the comedic franchise are yet to be revealed, but they will no doubt involve something familiar pertaining to the series. The new spinoff could follow a character introduced in the flagship show, like Raj or Howard, either before or after the events of the original. It could also be set in the same universe following different characters with some references to the original. This means it could follow in the footsteps of having cameos like sitcom spinoff How I Met Your Father while being derivative of the first show.

There are some clues to what the next installment in the universe could be, though nothing is confirmed at the time of writing. Given the success of Young Sheldon, though, the next chapter of the franchise could follow Paige Swanson, Sheldon's childhood rival who shares a similar intellect. A series following her character after the events of the prequel could allow the franchise to expand while exploring a familiar character.

Since there's an argument to be made that Young Sheldon is better than The Big Bang Theoryin some aspects, it maintains a possible role in inspiring the next installment in the franchise. However, Lorre's comments indicate concrete details for the spinoff won't arrive for some time. For now, audiences will have to await more news from the creator as development on the project continues.

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