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'Exhaustion is Very Special': Big Bang Theory's Mayim Bialik States COVID Gave Her Mental Health Issues

Mayim Bialik declared openly to her fans that she has Covid and claims “it’s no joke” and continues to fight the virus. The Big Bang Theory star, stepped on her Instagram this Monday claiming she had tested positive and provided an update on her situation. The actress, who has been fully vaccinated and boosted against the virus, told her followers about how “exhaustion is very special”.

And she also described her feeling as “super emotional and reflective” since living isolated, saying she has been “so in my head”.

Mayim Bialik Describes ‘Mental Health Impact’ After Testing COVID Positive

Mayim Bialik addressed fans on Monday that she had been nullified with the virus, posting a video on her Breakdown podcast. She recently updated fans, and while she feels physically better, the mental health implications have blindsided her somehow. She said on Monday:

“I had mononucleosis when I was in college and the exhaustion hits like that where you cannot be awake, you can try to be awake but then all of a sudden you need to sleep.”“It’s not the same as the flu. You don’t hear of ‘long flu.’ This is a very different kind of virus…Please be careful. Stay safe.”

She also discussed the constant fear she was feeling after getting infected by the virus, telling her followers:

“Something that I hadn’t kind of anticipated is I have a new level of anxiety about going out. I definitely have been very vigilant and while I happened to be traveling in the safest way that I could…Part of me feels guilty that I went out. I feel guilty. I feel sad. And I’m worried about the world again and our health in the world.”

The actress also dealing with asthma and a thyroid condition. A concluding video has been posted, in which she wore her “Covid coat” which had her name on it, and she also asked her followers to be extra careful.

“The mental health impact of this — especially for those of us who already have anxiety or are predisposed to catastrophic thinking — this feels really scary. And I know that it will pass. The intensity will pass.”“I hope everyone stays safe.”

Many fans and followers are sending her messages to support, Big Bang co-star Kunal Nayyar also wrote: “Feel better poor thing.”

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