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Big Bang Theory: Why Was This Scene Featuring Sheldon and Leonard Deleted

is undoubtedly one of those shows that viewers keep rewatching. There are countless sitcoms, but only a few can bring back fans to its archives for the 10th time. And BBT is one of them. However, things didn’t seem promising at the start, given the low viewership of the show. Reportedly, it was scheduled after on purpose as a part of the strategy. 

It started slow, but eventually, the viewership ratings skyrocketed as the audience got hooked on the unconventional content. The story of a group of scientists (and an ENGINEER) trying to fit in the world of cool and regular people caught everyone’s attention. As the series progressed, more and more viewers joined the fan club. The love it received made it possible for the show to run for 12 seasons. However, things could have been different had they taken another direction.

According to reports, shot two pilots, and one of them was forced to cut due to controversial reasons. Well, the pilot is a crucial stage for any show. The kind of voice it picks back then becomes its identity throughout its course. 

Even Chuck Lorre said, “We stumbled out of the gate pretty hard in the beginning, and it took a while to find the voice of the show.”

The Deleted Scene

We are talking about a “Sperm Bank” scene that featured a weird conversation between Sheldon and Leonard. No, this weirdness is nothing like the ones we saw in the episodes ahead. 

The two men were at a sperm bank when Leonard tells Sheldon “Sheldon, you’re the only person I know that can take the fun out of masturbation.” It was followed by an even more awkward reply from Sheldon “Fortunately I stumbled across a magazine that featured women with large buttocks.”

To this Leonard responded, “And by stumble across, you mean removed from your sock drawer and brought with you,” 

This whole conversation didn’t sound like Sheldon and would have taken the tone of the show in another direction. It was basically stealing the essence of , the reason why we enjoyed it so much. This part eventually got removed, and the episode got shortened after some expressed their disapproval and called it sexist. 

Whatever happened was for the best. BBT ended in season 12 after actor his departure. According to the showrunner and producers, the series would have run for more seasons. It came as a shock to everyone, who didn’t want it to end. 

With so many reboots and reunions these days, we hope that BBT gets one too.

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