Courteney Cox Honors Matthew Perry by Sharing a ‘Favorite’ Monica-Chandler Outtake From ‘Friends’: ‘I Am So Grateful for Every Moment’


Courteney Cox paid tribute to her late "Friends" co-star Matthew Perry on Instagram, sharing a cherished outtake from the show. In the clip, Perry whispered a funny line for Cox to say, showcasing their close bond. Cox described how their characters' one-night fling in London turned into a love story due to the audience's reaction. She expressed her gratitude for the moments she shared with Perry and her daily longing for him.

Perry's unexpected passing prompted heartfelt tributes from his "Friends" co-stars. Cox, along with Jennifer Aniston, Matt LeBlanc, Lisa Kudrow, and David Schwimmer, issued a joint statement expressing their devastation and emphasizing their bond as a family. Cox and Perry's characters, Monica and Chandler, shared significant screen time as their relationship developed from romance to marriage.

Hours before Cox's tribute, LeBlanc also posted a personal farewell to Perry on Instagram, reminiscing about their cherished times together on the "Friends" set. Both tributes reflect the deep impact Perry had on his co-stars and the enduring bond they shared.


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