Big Bang Theory Really Destroyed Young Sheldon's Missy, explained

The portrayal of Missy, Sheldon's sister, in "The Big Bang Theory" and "Young Sheldon" has raised questions about the consistency of her character. While her limited appearances in "The Big Bang Theory" established her as a supporting character, "Young Sheldon" has showcased Missy as witty, charming, socially adept, and emotionally mature. In "Young Sheldon" Season 6, it is even suggested that Missy possesses intellectual gifts similar to Sheldon's, challenging the notion that she ends up being the least successful Cooper sibling in "The Big Bang Theory."

In "Young Sheldon" Season 5, Missy's role was diminished, relegating her to a supporting character. However, Season 6 has given her an improved storyline, allowing her character to develop further. She becomes more aware of her family's struggles and how they are perceived by others, even if Sheldon remains oblivious to it. This growth in her character makes her more compelling and likable in "Young Sheldon."

However, the improved portrayal of Missy in "Young Sheldon" raises questions about her depiction in "The Big Bang Theory." In "Young Sheldon" Season 6, it is revealed that Missy manipulates Sheldon using her social skills, suggesting that she may have been playing him all along. This contradicts the portrayal of Missy as less intelligent and less successful in "The Big Bang Theory." The inconsistency between the two shows suggests that "The Big Bang Theory" may not have done justice to Missy's character.

Overall, "Young Sheldon" Season 6 enhances Missy's character and provides a more nuanced portrayal of her abilities and personality. It challenges the perception created by "The Big Bang Theory" and raises questions about the consistency of her character development.

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