Kaley Cuoco Failed To Convince This A-Lister To Guest-Star On The Big Bang Theory

We can all admit, The Big Bang Theory would not be the same without Kaley Cuoco. Despite her brilliance, the actress typically watched her own work on mute! Oh, Kaley! She made a major contribution on the show off-screen as well. We'll take a look at popular faces she was able to entice, and one specific name she desperately wanted but was not able to get for the sitcom.

Kaley Cuoco Is A Major Reason For Some Big Bang Theory Guest-Stars

Not only did the show make millions over its 12 seasons, but The Big Bang Theory was also able to gather some of the most iconic guest-stars. Looking at the world of sitcoms, it is hard to match any other show in terms of the star-power for cameos on the program.

Among the notables includes Bill Gates, Elon Musk, and Stephan Hawking among others, not a list of names you'll typically see on other sitcoms.

It turns out that others like William Shatner has reservations about appearing on the show early on. However, ultimately, it was Kaley Cuoco who was able to change the actor's mind.

"I've had several conversations with the creators, and what they wanted me to do, didn't seem to be exactly right, so I said 'find something that's better'. They may have taken umbrage at that, I'm not sure... They wanted me to play myself a little obliquely, and they said it would work out, but I needed more assurance on that."

Producer Steven Holland claims things changed for Shatner after appearing in a commercial alongside Kaley. "I think what changed going into the final season is that he knows [series co-star] Kaley [Cuoco] from doing [Priceline] commercials together and they're friendly."

"When I got on the phone, one of the things he asked was, 'Will I get to play a scene with Kaley?"

It all worked out for Cuoco in this instance, however, her dream guest-star was not meant to be.

Kaley Cuoco Idolized Jennifer Aniston From A Young Age

Cuoco's fascination for Jennifer Aniston started at a very young age. In one of her first-ever roles, Cuoco got to work alongside Jen. It was an experience she never forgot about.

"Little known fact this was one of the first 'parts' I was ever cast in as a kid.. I was the last name in the credits (credited as 'little girl').. when I saw the movie, they had cut my one line, but all I remember is spending the entire day convincing myself to tell Jen how much I loved her. (Friends was my life at that point)."

"She was a gem to me then and a gem to me now (and to everyone she knows) funny to see this full circle moment. You never know where life will take you , or [whose] life you will touch along the way," the actress told Digital Spy.

The two still have quite the close relationship, though ultimately, it wasn't enough to convince Jen for a cameo on the show.

Cuoco Could Not Get Jennifer Aniston To Appear On The Big Bang Theory Despite Her Efforts

When asked alongside AOL which actress Cuoco wanted to see the most on TBBT, she did not hesitate with her answer, point out Jennifer Aniston. Cuoco admitted that she gave her best pitch, trying to entice Jen by changing things up by appearing on the sitcom. Perhaps because of scheduling, it wasn't meant to be.

Cuoco discussed which cameo she wanted to see the most, "Probably Jennifer Aniston. I love her so much, she's also my style icon. I'm obsessed with her, because she's always so effortless and cool. I don't want to say that it looks like she doesn't try, because she obviously tries, but she just looks like the coolest chick around," Cuoco told AOL Entertainment.

It wasn't meant to be but at the very least, Cuoco got the honor of being called over by Jen at an award show, something she never though would take place. "She turns around and goes 'Kaley.' And it was like the skies opened up, and she smells like a garden," she laughed. "It was everything that I dreamed it would be."

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