Young Sheldon Season 6 Video Shows How Harrowing George & Missy’s Ending Really Was

A behind-the-scenes video from the  Young Sheldon season 6 finale highlights the harrowing environment for George and Missy's emotional final scene. The Big Bang Theory prequel ended its year with a super-sized send-off that juggled several plot lines. While Sheldon and Mary flew to Germany for the boy genius' summer abroad, the rest of the Coopers were left to deal with the massive tornado that tore through Medford. The catastrophe impacted the family differently, with George and Missy ending up being caught in it on their way home from the airport.

In a new Young Sheldon season 6 finale behind-the-scenes video from the show producer, Ansley Rix, it is revealed that Lance Barber and Raegan Revord's scene was the last sequence that was shot for the year. 

For context, George and Missy's Young Sheldon season 6 finale scene technically took place in the afternoon, but the actors and crew had to wait to film the sequence until it was dark. Previously, it was revealed that on top of using dummies, they also had to lay on the ground, face down, in the middle of freezing rain.

Why Missy & George's Tornado Scene Is Young Sheldon Season 6's Best

While Missy had already been reprimanded for her rebellious acts, it didn't seem like she had learned her lesson at the start of the Young Sheldon season 6 finale. She refused to patch things up with Sheldon, who tattled about her sneaking out at night, even though she knew that he was going to be away from home for an extended period of time for the first time. Her whole demeanor changed, however, after Missy finally realized the error of her ways during her near-death experience while the big Medford tornado passed through.

Fueled by adrenaline and pent-up emotion, Missy suddenly breaks down and apologizes to George for acting up. She adds that she didn't really understand why she was rebelling, she just wanted them to pay attention to her. The Young Sheldon season 6 finale was full of great moments, but the father-daughter exchange was arguably the best one from the finale. It highlighted the often-overlooked relationship between George and Missy, and it also served as a reminder of how devastating it would be for her when the Cooper patriarch finally dies in the near future.

Young Sheldon may be a family comedy, but dramatic moments like these emphasize why it's a more heartfelt show compared to The Big Bang Theory. Despite being headlined by a usually emotionally indifferent character, the rest of the Cooper family makes up for Sheldon's inability to easily express his feelings. As it moves forward in season 7, hopefully, CBS will stage more touching scenes like George and Missy's conversation in the season 6 finale.

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