The Big Bang Theory: 12 Things That Make No Sense About Sheldon

How Old Was Sheldon Anyway?

Sheldon's age hasn't been discussed often on TBBT, but it's been noted that he was born in 1980.

Did Sheldon's Spot Matter To Him Or Not?

One of the first things fans learned about Sheldon was that his home was his oasis, and part of that oasis was his "spot" on the couch. 

If Sheldon Had Money Stashed Away, Why Did He Need A Roommate To Afford His Apartment?

Fans have pointed out this rather interesting aspect of Sheldon's financial status. Sheldon seemed to have saved up quite a bit of money because he revealed that most of the things he wanted to buy have not been invented yet. 

Didn't Sheldon Have A Cat Allergy?

Sheldon and Leonard had one of the best friendships on TBBT because the other had strengths that the other lacked. They supported each other in times of need and gave each other great advice. 

Sheldon's Underrated Fear Of Nets

With so many episodes under The Big Bang Theory's name, it's understandable that a few details about Sheldon's personality were forgotten about or brushed under the rug.

The Discrepancy Of Sheldon's Dad's Age & Death

There are numerous life lessons that fans learned from Sheldon and co. on The Big Bang Theory. Sheldon learned most of his life's lessons by trial and error as a child in Texas. 

His Ability To Accommodate A Myriad Of Hobbies Seemed Impossible With His Job

It could be because The Big Bang Theory is a TV show, but it seemed strange that two brilliant physicists had nearly as much time as Sheldon and Leonard had. 

His Method Of Concluding A Study Didn't Match His Character

Remember the nasty trick that Leonard, Raj, and Howard played on Sheldon when they were in the North Pole studying magnetic monopoles? 

His Inconsistent Germophobia

This was one of the most acutely obvious plot holes in the entire series; Sheldon made a huge deal about his germophobia in the first couple of seasons.

His Love For Internet Explorer

One thing fans could not make peace with was the fact that Sheldon used Internet Explorer to browse Facebook, especially because it's widely considered the worst browser for social media. 

His Shocking Ignorance As A Genius

For someone who was perhaps one of the smartest men in the world, Sheldon was shockingly ignorant about basic issues like race, culture, and history. 

He Rarely Mentioned His Childhood Friends

Sheldon made a few comments throughout The Big Bang Theory that he didn't have much time for friends because he was always too busy working on his studies.

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