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What Jim Parsons Really Thinks Of Young Sheldon's Iain Armitage

is one of the most popular sitcoms of all time. With over 270 episodes, it became CBS’ most popular sitcom. By 2012, was number two in terms of ratings, and it ultimately reached number 1 in its eleventh season.

According to , the number of viewers of averages more than 196 million for the show’s 12 seasons, just in the U.S. alone.

With all the success and popularity gained, it’s no wonder CBS and Chuck Lorre, one of the original creators of the sitcom, decided to a spin-off focused on the show’s most iconic character, Sheldon Cooper.

Released in 2017, CBS gives viewers a first-hand look at Sheldon’s childhood. Although came back to narrate part of his character’s life for the prequel, it’s who gives life to the young version of Sheldon Cooper. Now, with six seasons and over 100 episodes, is one of the most popular coming-of-age sitcoms nowadays. But how does the original Sheldon, Jim Parsons, think about the young actor that is currently playing his old role?

Jim Parsons’ Nephew Inspired Chuck Lorre To Create Young Sheldon

In 2018, after twelve seasons. The decision to cancel the sitcom was heavily influenced by Jim Parsons' refusal to come back for seasons 13 and 14.

Of course, without Sheldon, wouldn’t have been the same, so the producers had no other option than to end it earlier than planned. Fortunately for the fans, it wouldn’t be the last time they’d get to see one of the show’s main character.

, a sitcom based on a nine-year-old Sheldon Cooper trying to adapt to going to high school and living with his family in East Texas, premiered on 2017. The show, produced by Jim Parsons, creator Chuck Lorre, and Steven Molaro, has gained a lot of popularity and is now on its sixth season.

Turns out Jim Parsons, who played Sheldon Cooper in , accidentally helped create the series spin-off. The series creator, Chuck Lorre, how he first got inspiration to create :

“The beginning was a phone call from Jim Parsons, who sent me a video of his 10-year-old nephew in Texas who is a prodigy — brilliant, extraordinary, off the hook, crazy smart kid. And Jim asked, 'Is there anything we can do with this?' I said, 'Well, if we wanted to do a show about a young man who is brilliant — a comedy — we have that built into our show. That’s the backstory of Sheldon Cooper”, Lorre admitted.

Landing The Role of Young Sheldon Cooper Was No Easy Task For Iain Armitage

Choosing the right actor to play young Sheldon Cooper was crucial for the show’s success. Luckily, the producers were able to find Iain Armitage, who’s just perfect for the role. Turns out, Chuck Lorre new the young actor would be a perfect fit for the sitcom at his first audition.

The audition for the role of young Sheldon was not easy. Armitage, who was nine at the time, was given a three-page monologue for his audition. He took a few days to memorize his lines and, then, recorded himself performing the script. The produces of new Armitage was perfect for the role upon seeing his recording.

Jim Parsons Was Blown Away By Iain Armitage’s Audition For Young Sheldon

When Jim Parsons saw Iain Armitage’s audition tape for , he knew straight away that the young actor was perfect for the main role. "We saw his audition on tape, and I don't know how to put this other than to say it was kind of jaw-dropping," .

Parsons has also admitted that he shares a lot in common with Armitage and, because of this, both actors have formed a strong friendship. He not only gives the young actor tips on how to portray Sheldon Cooper, but they also spend time together outside the set.

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