Maggie & Ben Officially Separate on Chicago Med, But [Spoiler] Now Likes Her


In the latest episode of Chicago Med, we witnessed charge nurse Maggie Lockwood going through an emotional rollercoaster as she dealt with the aftermath of her pending divorce from Ben Campbell. As she arrived at Gaffney Chicago Medical Center carrying an envelope that likely contained divorce papers, Maggie found solace in the support of her colleagues.

Walking alongside Dr. Zola Ahmad into the hospital, Zola couldn't help but ask Maggie how she was feeling about the situation. The two women later met with the head of the legal department, Peter Kalmick, to inquire about a notary.


As Maggie prepared to sign her marital separation agreement, she was accompanied by Dr. Hannah Asher and Zola, creating a poignant moment as she removed her wedding band.

Amidst the heavy emotions, a hint of a smile appeared on Maggie's face as she caught the gaze of Dr. Johnson, sparking curiosity among her colleagues. Despite the supportive presence surrounding her, Maggie confessed that she wasn't quite ready to move on.

The episode ended with a lingering question – will Maggie give Dr. Johnson a chance? Tune in to new episodes of Chicago Med to find out more about Maggie's journey every Wednesday on NBC.


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