Jim Parsons Completely Broke Character During This 'Big Bang' Outtake Alongside Kunal Nayyar

Not only was 'The Big Bang Theory' a monster hit, but their antics behind the scenes were just as entertaining. That includes moments like Kaley Cuoco breaking and dropping an F bomb alongside Jim Parsons, or even certain unscripted moments that made the show that much better!

In this particular moment, we'll take a look at a rare instance of Jim Parsons breaking.

The moment showed that he's completely human but in truth, filming the scene was not easy, given how hilarious and outrageous things were between Sheldon and Raj.

We'll look back on the moment and take a look at what the fans had to say about the hilarious moment. It seems obvious, the cast had a blast behind the scenes.

What Happened Between Kunal Nayyar And Jim Parsons On 'Big Bang Theory'

It warms everyone's hearts knowing that the cast of 'Big Bang Theory' remains incredibly close today. In fact, Kaley Cuoco revealed that if a reboot was ever in the works, she would surely be onboard for the project.

Kunal Nayyar has also stated that it is an emotional process talking to the cast until this very day, given how historical the performance really was.

"It is so difficult to put into words. That was my entire life for almost 13 years. Slowly I'm beginning to process what it was."

"Even when I talk to the castmates it is hard to make small talk. Cause so much happened, every time we see each other we almost end up crying cause we don't know how to express that emotion."

Throughout its 12 seasons and 279 episodes, there were more than a few iconic moments along the way. Not only was the show memorable, but a lot of the stuff that went down behind the scenes has fans binge-watching, especially the outtakes.

It might be hard to believe, but even Jim Parsons breaks from time to time. During once specific moment alongside Raj, he couldn't help but to laugh at the hilarious reaction Nayyar had to his choking gesture.

Jim Parsons Broke During His "Choke" Scene Alongside Kunal Nayyar

The blooper takes place in the cafeteria, as Sheldon decided to sit alone, instead of joining his buddies Raj, Leonard and Howard.

The outtake is in the video below at the start, and it shows the blooper moment along with the real scene that aired on the show. Even in the real scene, we can still see Howard laughing at the hilarious moment.

The scene goes completely south when Raj reacts to Sheldon's choking gesture. As Raj starts to choke, Sheldon can't help but completely break and start to smirk.

During the scene that made it on the air, Howard asks Raj "what are you doing?" Only for Raj to respond, "what, I feel bad for the guy."

At that point, Leonard gets up, and he tries to console Sheldon, it truly was a hilarious moment and one that had the fans laughing.

The outtake video has over one million views on YouTube and in the reactions, fans were loving that fact that Jim Parsons' is indeed human like the rest of them, and can break from time to time.

What Did The Fans Think Of The Moment?

The scene itself was very popular amongst fans. "Raj was the only one here who was actually nice. He felt bad for Sheldon for what he did, and he decided to act like he was being choked with the force," one fan stated.

Another fan credited Sheldon as being the only one who is able to use the force, "Only Sheldon can use the force outside of Star Wars..."

Other fans were just happy to see Sheldon, aka Jim Parsons finally break, "It feels so good to see Sheldon laugh like a real human."

"Wow Jim Parsons is such a good actor. Playing a character like that isn't easy at all but he does such an amazing job at it. He breaks character but just smiles a lot and not bursts out laughing."

"When Sheldon laughs normally, others can know that the shot is no longer taken,or else it is gonna be a retake."

"My heart becomes so, so happy whenever I see Jim smile. It's beautiful and wholesome. He's an amazing man."

Truly some amazing moments that didn't make it on the air that really shows how close the cast is off-camera.

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