Young Sheldon May See a Heartbreaking Death Way Before George's Death

"A Frat Party, a Sleepover and the Mother of All Blisters" was an episode full of lies. Things started when Sheldon tried to stop his dormmates from making too much noise. When they opened the door, Sheldon was shocked to see Paige inside. He tried to stop her from reveling, but she was soon off to another party. Sheldon followed her, but he was even more surprised to see Missy there. She had lied to her parents about being at a sleepover. Together, they saved Paige from going home with a random boy and decided to keep the whole thing a secret.

Viewers were surprised to see how far Paige had fallen. She was introduced in Season 2 as another child prodigy and a fellow student in one of . She started out as a happy kid, but then, her parents got divorced. She became quiet, shoplifted and even punched Sheldon in the face. Eventually, she dropped out of college and started living at home again. So, seeing her drinking and smoking at a college party was the last thing that fans expected.

Paige's Death Would Explain Her TBBT Absence

Paige has been getting worse with every appearance, and Young Sheldon may be building to her heartbreaking death.

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