Johnny Galecki Was Caught Off-Guard By A Fan Who Snapped A Photo Of Him Driving, But How Did The Big Bang Theory Actor React?

Just like the other cast members of the comedy series The Big Bang Theory, Johnny Galecki is active on the social media platform, Instagram. Johnny Galecki usually has a knack for having fun at his own expense and of others on his Instagram account.

One fan of Johnny Galecki was driving when she passed another car with the actor at the wheel. The fan named Barbara tried to be as calm as possible in taking a picture of her and Galecki in the frame. Her Twitter post reads, "Doing the absolute most to get my pic with Johnny Galecki."

Barbara had to take a shot of herself passing the Big Bang Theory star, and she had to time it perfectly to get a screenshot of the exact frame of her and Galecki in the shot. Talk about dedication.

She knew it had to reach the actor in any way possible. And it did thanks to Jon Cryer. In his Twitter account, Cryer responded to Barbara's post. His Twitter response goes, "I sent it to him. He's not on Twitter. Hope it was okay."

Barbara called it "luck" because the actor who's a man of few words was able to see the picture, even though she was not on the same social media platform as the actor.

So how did he respond? He posted a screenshot of the original tweet on social media, with the caption, "Miss you already @babsamiga you sneaky and irresponsible driver (P.S. I may or may not have been wearing pants.)"

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