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Law & Order: 10 Best Episodes Across The Franchise, According To Reddit

fans have a reason to be excited after it was announced that all the current 3 shows of the franchise will have a 3-hour crossover event starting from September 22. The major point of focus will be the bond between the key law enforcement officers. Since Capt. Olivia Benson () and Det. Elliot Stabler () has worked together before, it will be interesting to see how the franchise newcomer Det. Frank Cosgrove (Original Series) fits into the equation.

There is no doubt that the crossover event has the potential to produce one (or even three) of the best-ever episodes across the franchise. So far, the franchise has churned out thousands of episodes, touching on all kinds of cases that could happen. And according to Reddit, some episodes are way more memorable than the rest.

“The Ring” (S13E5) – Law & Order

Redditor thinks the episode “was one of the best whodunits that Dick Wolfe has done.” In it, the remains of a woman who was thought to have died at the World Trade Center during the 9/11 attacks are discovered in Hell’s Kitchen, forcing the police to investigate what truly happened.

The slow-burn nature of "The Ring" is one of the most distinctive things about it. Unlike many other episodes in the franchise, there is no rush to solve the mystery.” Clues are laid out gradually and carefully, giving viewers an even greater reason to focus. Up until the last 10 minutes, all evidence points to the victim being in both Hell’s Kitchen and World Trade Center right before she dies. As a reward for paying attention, a major twist is thrown at the end, one that involves unfaithful partners.

“Prisoner” (S5E3) – Law & Order: Criminal Intent

A prison warden is forced to pay a ransom for his abducted wife only for the authorities to learn she has been in a happy relationship with the man responsible, who also happens to be an escaped convict. Redditor thinks the episode is “incredibly satisfying.”

“Prisoner” carefully juggles love, crime, abuse, and vengeance making them all intertwine in a manner viewers never imagined. It’s one of the rare things-not-as-they-seem episodes where the criminal isn’t the antagonist. Though the warden is initially depicted as the victim, more information is provided, showing that he was an abuser whose actions drove his wife to cohabit with the escaped convict.

“Deep Vote” (S11E24) – Law & Order

When a woman gets murdered, the authorities discover that the intended target was an investigative reporter. calls it the best “shocker at the last minute” episode.

Cases where victims get caught up in situations they had nothing to do with are always sadder and “Deep Vote” deep vote keeps the melancholy alive by constantly highlighting the husband’s inability to get over his grief. And in a plot that could mirror that of some of , mob activities are blended with politics to show just how far some people would go to acquire power.

“Wrath” (S3E2)” – Law & Order: SVU

Three people connected to old cases that Olivia Benson has managed are all found dead, forcing the star cop to investigate. sums it up as “a great episode that you’ll enjoy watching.”

The major point “Wrath” makes is that the authorities aren’t always right. Mistakes can be made and innocents get to pay for it. All the deaths are revealed to be revenge killings by an innocent man who Benson put behind bars. Even though the man’s actions are wrong, the events force viewers to be disgusted by one of for once.

“Torrents Of Greed: Part I & II” (S1E15) – Law & Order

Detectives attempt to take down an organized crime family after an assault at a store, but a false testimony threatens to ruin the progress. likes the fact that “justice isn't served, but there's some vengeance.”

A franchise norm is that the detectives always manage to arrest the criminals and then a successful prosecution is made. Here, viewers are presented with a mob boss that knows how to play the system. It’s hard not to be impressed with how he fools the authorities and walks out of court a free man. Though he ultimately pays for his actions, he still comes off as a likable villain because of his intelligence and the fact that his actions are nowhere near .

“Aftershock” (S6E23) – Law & Order

feels “Aftershock” stands out because it was “the only episode that broke the formula,” adding that there was “no crime, only characters.” In it, officers and prosecutors start having second thoughts about their jobs after witnessing an inmate’s execution.

“Aftershock” serves the important purpose of analyzing whether capital punishment is indeed necessary. As a whole, the episode is wholesome because it dissects the personal struggles of the officers, something that is normally done on the victims and suspects only. From strained relationships between fathers and daughters to infidelity, “Aftershock” treads new territory, and it all comes off as very satisfactory.

“911” (S7E13) – Law & Order: SVU

comments that the episode is awesome because of the strong performances by the cast and reminds everyone that “Mariska Hargitay won her only Emmy Award for this episode.” In it, a girl calls 911, claiming to be locked in a room, but doesn’t know where she is.

Mariska Hargitay has been part of the show for over 2 decades and the fact that she won an Emmy for her performance in “911” says a lot about the episode's quality. The episode places itself on the path to greatness by not throwing everything out there all at once. Emphasis is first placed on the rescue mission, rather than the crime, resulting in spirited performances and some incredible action sequences. There are endless tense moments too, including one where the little girl almost dies, but Benson revives her.

“Major Case” (S8E14) – Law & Order: Criminal Intent

The officers investigate the death of an addict who was looking to stop using. thinks it's commendable how Nichols resolves a “complex case otherwise not resolvable.”

“Major Case” underscores the humane side of the officers. Since the victim isn’t from a wealthy family, the murder is labeled a “minor case” but Nichols fights hard to have it prioritized despite him gaining nothing from doing so. There are a couple of special things about the episode too. It marks the first time that Nichols and Earnes work together, leading to what could qualify as one of . Fans also get to say goodbye to fan favorite, Megan Wheeler.

“Pique” (S2E20) – Law & Order: SVU

The team investigates Jason, a killer who grew up hating women after having been constantly molested by his mother when he was younger. notes that the antagonist and his mother share “a very Bates Motel kind of relationship.”

The Redditor is spot 0n about the antagonist being quite similar to one of , Norman Bates. Like Bates, Jason and his mother have an unhealthy obsession with each other, but the former is the one who has been badly affected by it. Jason is portrayed as an extremely creepy and terrifying person, making viewers look forward to the moment the mayhem will come to an end.

“Pro Se” (S6E21) – Law & Order

A schizophrenic lawyer who refuses to take medication is accused of murder and insists on defending himself. confesses that the storyline is “one that always gets me.”

No other episode in the franchise addresses mental health better than “Law Se.” Though the murderous lawyer continues to make irrational decisions by the minutes, the authorities and prosecutors treat him fairly, even recommending that he pleads insanity so that he gets a lawyer sentence. Watching him try hard to get himself acquitted is touching, but the episode ends with a fair outcome: time at a mental institution.

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