Does The Cast Of 'Good Luck Charlie' Still Get Along?

It has been over a decade since Good Luck, Charlie premiered on Disney Channel. The show has marked a whole generation's childhood with its comedic yet relevant and enthralling plot. It follows the life of the Duncan family, which consists of four (and eventually five) children, the youngest one being Charlie. When she's born, Teddy, the older sister, decides she wants to make a video diary for Charlie to watch and learn from when she's older, and every chapter starts and ends with Teddy recording whatever new adventure she and the family had.The Good Luck, Charlie cast had a blast shooting the show, and that was largely because they became very close along the way. But what happened to their friendship after the show ended? Almost everyone in the cast was quite young, so they all moved on with their lives and careers, but that doesn't mean they forgot about each other.

6 The 'Good Luck Charlie' Cast Got Along From The Beginning

While it's common for cast-mates to become friends as a show progresses, it's not always that the actors get along right from the start. That was the case, however, with the Good Luck, Charlie. According to Bridgit Mendler, they immediately liked each other and became close. They even developed little traditions and rituals on set.

"I think even at the very beginning we all clicked and we all enjoy each other's company," she said. "We have a lot of fun on-set traditions, like our dad on the show, Eric Allan Krammer, likes to cook for us and we have dress-up day on Tuesdays, which we haven't been keeping up with recently, but we've had some really good dress-up days."

5 Bridgit Mendler And Jason Dolley Have A Strong Bond

In the show, Jason Dolley and Bridgit Mendler played PJ and Teddy, the two oldest siblings of the Duncan family. While PJ was technically the older brother, Teddy was by far the more mature one, and that often ended up changing the dynamics between the two of them. In real life, though, Bridgit feels like Jason's little sister. And they love that relationship.

"Jason's great! He's like a brother to me, and we have a lot of fun on the show," Bridgit shared. "We like to play a lot of games. Jason is incredible at games, so he beats everyone at every game. I beat him at Boggle the other day, so I'm pretty proud of that."

4 The Boys Are Like Brothers In Real Life

On-screen, the relationship between PJ and his younger brother Gabe is not that good. It's all for the sake of comedy, sure, but they're not as close as PJ and Teddy or Teddy and Charlie. This is why it's a little surprising to see how close Jason and Bradley Steven Perry are in real life. One only needs to check their Instagram accounts to see how much they love each other and how much they hang out. There is even a picture of Jason visiting Bradley when he was away in college.

3 The Cast Still Has Mutual Friends

Even after the show ended, the cast still moved in the same circles and had the same friends. A couple of years ago, the cast attended their friend Lea Boscarino's wedding. The reason all of them were there is that Lea is Samantha Boscarino's sister. Samantha was a recurring character in Good Luck, Charlie, and she played Skyler, PJ's girlfriend and Teddy's friend.

The on-screen siblings caught up with each other at the wedding, and they even ran into Shane Harper, the actor that played Spencer, Teddy's boyfriend. Knowing that fans would go crazy when they found out they were hanging out, they posted all over social media about it.

2 They Reunited At Bridgit Mendler's Wedding

In late 2019, Bridgit Mendler married the love of her life, and of course, her second family was there for such an important moment. She married her long-time boyfriend Griffin Cleverly in a secluded, intimate beach wedding. "It was magical," she said dreamily.

"There was a great sunset and there was actually even this dude who built a sandcastle behind us while we were getting married — in his board shorts, constructing this beautiful, amazing sandcastle. While we are doing our vows, I could just see him in my eye line."

In the pictures that Jason posted, fans can see Leigh-Allyn Baker (Amy Duncan, the mom), Bradley, and even Charlie herself, young Mia Talerico, having fun at the party. He wrote "Your big brother's always here for you, B. Love you, and wish you all the best. Congratulations!"

1 They Reunited (Online) During Quarantine

2020 was not only the year of the beginning of the pandemic, but it was also the ten-year anniversary of the premiere of Good Luck, Charlie. Lots of celebrities have done things during the lockdown to feel closer to their fans and cheer them up, and with the anniversary of the show coming up, the cast decided to do a special online event to recall their favorite moments of the show and share some BTS stories. The whole Duncan family appeared via video call, including Mia, who was just a baby while the show was being made, and they had a great time. Jason made a post that said, "Had a blast seeing the family again!" And Bridgit wrote that she's "so grateful to know you (the cast) and call you family."

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