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OOPS! A Season 2 Episode Of The Big Bang Theory Might've Accidentally Revealed Penny's Last Name

On different occasions, could have looked very different. Take Mayim Bialik and her role as Amy for example. According to the word behind the scenes, However, Jim Parsons made it a point to keep her on the show, given the obvious chemistry between Sheldon and Amy.

As we'll reveal in the following, Kaley Cuoco also saw some bold changes to her character along the way. Among them, was Penny's stance on having children. We're going to reveal why that was ultimately changed during the final episode.

In addition, we're going to take a closer look at why the show decided to keep Penny's last name a secret. Or did they? A fan on might've spotted Penny's last name during season 2 on a box. We'll reveal what the name said, and another last name that was considered at one point.

Big Bang Theory Showrunner Steve Molaro Wanted To Keep Penny's Last Name A Mystery

Throughout the show's 12 season run, fans never get a direct answer as to what Penny's last name is. According to showrunner Steve Molaro alongside , this was done by design, as the show wanted to keep it a mystery for as long as possible.

At the conclusion of season 8, which sees Penny and Leonard tie the knot, the showrunner is asked if we'll finally learn about Penny's last name. However, once again,

He said, "I hope not! I’m still afraid to know what it is! (.) We’ve made it so far without knowing, I think we have to go all the way to the end."

Molaro would also reveal that given her marriage to Leonard, perhaps the show didn't have to reveal a last name at all.

"She has taken his name and maybe that’s convenient so we don’t have to deal with her maiden name, but she is Penny Hofstadter now."

It seems like this is the route the show ended up taking, leaving Penny's last name a mystery. However, a fan on might've caught a slip up from the show.

A Fan On Reddit Found Penny's Last Name On A Shipping Label During A Season 2 Episode

Airing in March of 2019, over a decade ago, the season 2 episode, was a memorable one, especially for the storyline that involved Sheldon taking over Penny's company,

One fan might've been paying a bit more attention than the rest of us. On a shipping label meant for Penny,

This caused quite the buzz on the forum, with fans linking her last name, to a nod directed at Pen and Teller. Still, the show decided to keep the matter quiet, and it was never confirmed.

Another report suggests that Lorre was playing around with last names behind the scenes - with Barrington being kicked around at one point.

Nonetheless, the show felt obligated to leave it a mystery, while using Leonard's last name for the final few seasons.

The Creators Of The Big Bang Theory Made A Major Change To Penny's Character During The Final Season

If Kaley Cuoco had it her way, Penny would not have children on . However, Steve Molaro decided to reconsider,

We couldn't help but go back to the pilot when they met—which was such an early structural piece of the entire series."

He continues, "And Leonard says that someday their babies would be smart and beautiful. It seemed to be a landing place that was satisfying."

Executive Producer Steve Holland added to the reason behind Penny's pregnancy, stating that the two were going off track during the final episode, and this plot twist would help get them back, while ensuring fans things would be okay between the two.

"Their relationship was really the jumping-off point of this whole show, and it felt important to us to honor that relationship. I love them together, and I wanted to know that they were ending in a happy place."

A major change made at the last second, but still, it wasn't enough to finally reveal Penny's last name.

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