Young Sheldon Season 6's Best Story Is Happening Offscreen

Young Sheldon season 6 is doing a good job continuing the Coopers' narrative, but it's missing out on telling its best story, which is happening off-screen. After a chaotic Young Sheldon season 5 finale, Sheldon and his family are slowly settling back into their old routines. Mandy has moved in with Meemaw, which effectively makes her involved with Georgie's clan. Meanwhile, Sheldon continues his East Texas Tech adventures, while Mary and George work on their marriage. Amid these, there's one particular plot that's taking place simultaneously in the background that Young Sheldon isn't actively tackling and, The Big Bang Theory spin-off is missing out on capitalizing on it simply because it won't shine a light on this particular narrative.

In Young Sheldon season 6, episode 4, Missy comes home and rants about her adventures in school where she is once again dealing with stereotypical teenage experiences. Since Sheldon transferred out of Medford High School, and especially now that George is no longer working there, the comedy barely shows what the Cooper daughter's situation is at school. Tackling Missy's typical growing pains sounds fun and relatable, which could help Young Sheldon further broaden its reach beyond those who enjoyed The Big Bang Theory. Unfortunately, since CBS no longer films scenes at Medford High School, most of her experiences are now established via her narration. This makes her the odd character out on Young Sheldon. While everyone has their respective arcs, Missy is forced to play a supporting character simply because the show won't do any school scenes for her.

Missy Is Still The Best Part Of Young Sheldon

Despite Missy's barely being in The Big Bang Theory, she immediately made a mark — something that the spin-off should be capitalizing more on. The Cooper daughter remains to be Young Sheldon's best character, and yet, she has been frequently relegated to a supporting player. Instead of tackling her own arc separate from the rest of her family, CBS opted to use her as emotional support to all of her struggling family members at the end of season 5. Despite this, Missy still shone. If anything, it only re-affirmed the idea that she is still the most interesting member of her family to further explore. Missy was supportive of Georgie as he navigated his situation as an unexpected soon-to-be-father, was understanding of Mary's frustrations as the family's matriarch, and also reassured Sheldon, who had suddenly developed a fear of the future - establishing herself as a strong character for the show even when it isn't focusing on her.

Young Sheldon Ignoring Missy Is A Big Mistake

As Young Sheldon breaks away from Big Bang Theory, it has gradually transformed into a family comedy rather than a straight-up comedy. This means that there's an increased focus on the rest of the Cooper family and not just on Sheldon. However, while everyone else is getting their arcs, Missy remains a loose character who doesn't have her own. Young Sheldon actively tackling her experiences in school would effectively juxtapose Sheldon's at East Texas Tech, which are more specialized in nature, considering the socially-inept genius' situation as a very young college student. Aside from adding a layer of appeal for the spin-off series, it could also result in more interesting interactions between the Cooper twins, as it would highlight just how different (but also how similar) their experiences are as growing teens.

Given George's impending  Young Sheldon death, CBS has a limited time window to diversify its storytelling before it becomes all about the Cooper patriarch's cheating scandal and demise. As established on The Big Bang Theory, he died when the twins are 14 years old, and they're currently 12 now on the comedy. This means that if they plan on giving Missy her due, it should start soon.

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