The Big Bang Theory: 14 BTS Facts That Came Out Since The Show Ended


It was announced this year that was getting an official book, filled with exclusive interviews with the cast and crew. Officially titled the book is set to release in October 2022.

The news of a tell-all has excited fans and has them wondering what behind-the-scenes magic they missed when the series aired. Luckily, the cast has done plenty of interviews over the years detailing everything from the audition process to memorizing lines to the creation of scenes.

The Start Of Bazinga!

Sheldon didn't always understand sarcasm but once he picked up on how it worked, he started trying it out as well.


Instead of having his friends wonder if he was being serious or not (a problem that Sheldon struggled with when it came to sarcasm), he said "Bazinga!"

Sheldon's 'Bazinga!' moments were some of the best in , but how did the line start? noted that the word was used by a writer, Stephen Engel. The more Engel said "Bazinga!" instead of "gotcha," the more people started saying it on stage and it eventually made its way into the script.

All About The Live Audience

Viewers know that was filmed in front of a live audience because of the laugh track.


Since the show lasted for 12 outstanding seasons, plenty of fans had the privilege to see the cast and crew work in person.

The show was filmed at Warner Bros. Studios and, according to a live audience member from , and had a strict amount of attendees. In all, the blogger noted each scene took around 1-3 takes and took around three hours to film. They were able to see the sets being created (and recreated) and different takes by the actors. Though it’s a long day, the audience stayed engaged throughout.

The Script Was Subject To Change


had one of the more complex scripts because of the nature of the dialogue. With a majority of the conversations because about science of comics, the scripts were long-winded and confusing. However, the actors perfected the scripts and sold each line with gumption.

had a BTS fun fact about the actors and their scripts. "You can't really get married to anything too soon," she said. Even though the series is filmed in front of a live audience, changes are still made on the day. “They'll change things right up until the last minute. We've had speeches change in front of the audience."

TBBT Set Is Now Legendary


and iconic performances, making the set legendary. It’s also legendary because it was home to a sitcom that lasted 12 seasons and over 200 episodes.

Because of its fandom, fans of the show can now visit the set at Warner Brothers Studio in Burbank, California. After purchasing tickets, fans are able to see the broken elevator, Sheldon’s bedroom, and Penny’s apartment for themselves. Executive Producer, Steve Holland, said “To say goodbye to the show and to that stage was really difficult. It feels great to know that people care about it enough that they want to come visit, and also that it’s there so we can stop by and visit it from time to time,” according to



Tales Of The Audition

There have created for characters like Penny and Sheldon, which goes to show how loved the characters are by fans. Their likeliness continues today even without it being live.

The casting directors did a phenomenal job choosing the right actors for the roles. And a BTS tidbit about the auditioning process was how hard the actors trained. According to , Parsons said this about his audition. ”I was very scared — and excited to present it to them — but scared because I knew that once the train started, if I messed up, I didn't know what would happen.


” Likewise, Simon Helberg still remembers his audition because of Chuck Lorre’s reaction. “I knew he liked what I did and I'll never forget hearing that laugh. It's still the highlight of my day when I hear that laugh,” he reminisced.

TBBT Was Renewed For Three Seasons At A Time... Twice

There came a time when the main actors were paid $1 million an episode because the show was doing so well. Fans couldn't help but wonder how much compared to the first season.

In January 2011, noted that CBS made a shocking decision and renewed


for three seasons. The network showed even more trust in the sitcom by renewing it again for another three in 2014! Renewing a show for three seasons showed great promise for the series and is rarely done.

Chuck Lorre Thought The Show Would Be Canceled After The Writers' Strike

Regardless of there are, there's always a chance that a show could get canceled. Co-creator Chuck Lorre knew the promise the show had but was afraid of getting canceled after the writers' strike in 2007.

According to first aired on Monday nights in between two massive shows,


and . Shortly after the show premiered, the Writers Guild of America went on strike, halting production. When things were back on track, time slot changed and Lorre thought "that might be the end of it." But as proven, fans followed the show's new time slot and the show continued.

The Show Wouldn't Be The Same Without Sheldon

With being an ensemble cast, each season showed the differences in friendships. Sheldon and Leonard were close in one season but the following season Raj's friendship with the women outshone Leonard and Sheldon's.


The contrast in friendships was what made the show interesting.

However, many have said that despite the ensemble, Jim Parsons' Sheldon Cooper was the nucleus of the friend group. Without Sheldon, the show wouldn't have worked. When Parsons was ready to leave the series after 12 seasons, Lorre had a choice to make on whether the sitcom would carry on. In an interview with , Lorre said, "I was of the mind that the ensemble was perfect the way it was, and I didn't want to continue with a major absence." When Parsons departed, so did the show.

How Did Jim Parsons Remember His Lines?


Raj, Howard, Sheldon, and Leonard had some of the trickiest lines because of the context. Considering the actors aren't scientists, some jargon was hard to recite and remember because it was foreign to them.

Parsons had some of the hardest dialogue to remember. According to , Parsons said, "As far as literally memorizing the words, I’ll have note cards. I do note cards all week. And in longhand, I write out all my lines again and again and again." He would then go back and forth between reading the note card and rewriting the scene on his computer. "It’s maddening," he joked.

Kevin Sussman’s Improvisation Won Everyone Over


In season 2, Stuart Bloom was introduced as the local comic book store owner. Over time, Stuart became close with the group and hung out with them more. He was a side character, but fans wanted to since he was so intriguing.

One of the issues fans had with Stuart was how much his character changed. He used to be confident and successful but slowly became unlucky. This change in character was inspired by an improvised line by Stuart's Kevin Sussman. In one scene as Penny walked away from him in the comic book store, Stuart whispered "I love you," which wasn't in the script.


wrote that the writers loved the changes and Sussman saw his character "regress" from there.

The Show Changed Melissa Rauch's Life

While it's easy to say the show changed the lives of everyone included, was especially special for Melissa Rauch (Bernadette) because of where she was at in life when she got hired.

According to , Rauch said during the week of her audition, "I had been at the unemployment office to get my unemployment check. I had to go to this seminar about how to get a job. It was awful." After auditioning a few times, Rauch was given the part and her life changed forever.


became a fun and important part of the series.

Jim Parsons Didn’t Care About Sheldon Being Likable

Sheldon wasn't always the most likable of characters. His high expectations of his friends and colleagues made him hard to be around at times. Although Leonard and Sheldon had one of the best friendships in , there were moments when even Leonard couldn't handle him.

And it looks like this was Parsons' intention. He told , "I try not to make too much of keeping him ‘likable.' I think it’s okay to have a character who the audience gets a little irritated at sometimes," he said.


It was that kind of attitude that matched Sheldon's, making him a fascinating character to watch.

One Flight Of Stairs

Sheldon, Leonard, and Penny lived on the fourth floor of an apartment building. It's said that the elevator was broken because of a science experiment gone wrong years ago, and the owner of the building never got it fixed. Because of this, moments on the stairwell are shown countless times.

When Kunal Nayyar (Raj) appeared on the talk show (via ), he said since they were on set there was only one staircase.


"The way it works is, you go down the stairs, and then they yell, ‘Hold.’ They change the scenery from like if the apartment says 2a it suddenly says 2a or 3." He continued saying, "They change the set so it looks exactly like another floor. You run back up the stairs, that go nowhere, and then you walk back down as if it’s a new floor."

Wil Wheaton Solidified His Role In This Scene

Wil Wheaton portrayed himself on since he was an actor attached to projects that genuinely interested the group of men. Wil ended up having some of the more iconic scenes on


because of his interactions with characters like Sheldon.

Apparently, one of his more memorable scenes turned out to be improvised. In an interview with , Wheaton said he improvised dressing up as Spock in the movie theatre during the release of the new movie. “I come in, I walk into the end of the theatre in full Mr. Spock gear,” he reminisced. Wheaton continued saying, “So I come out and the explosion of like pants-sh***ing laughter that comes out in that moment was genuine and it came from the entire cast and crew.”


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