Abby Sciuto: From NCIS Analyst to Terrorist? Fans Say Yes, Please


One of the show's best characters retired a couple of years ago, but fans still desperately want them back.

The forensic scientist with a great sense of style and a quirky but lovable personality had made her way into fans' hearts from the pilot episode and was an important part of ' success until season 15, when actress Pauley Perrette decided to quit the hit CBS crime drama.

During the complex final story, Abby Sciuto was seriously injured and eventually left the force for good, opting instead to head up a charity in the UK.


It's been nearly five years since she was last seen in the company of her former colleagues, but fans are still not resigned to the idea of the character's departure, believing that she may reappear in future seasons in an unusual role.

The idea of Abby Sciuto coming back is pretty crazy, to say the least, but her return might actually add something extra to the overall story.

Fans are hoping that Abby might completely change sides, reappearing as a rogue terrorist hacking into the government and major corporations.

Of course, knowing Abby, this may seem like a bad joke, but she definitely has the ability and depth of knowledge to pull something like this off, and the reasons for her actions can be thoroughly explained with an inspired script.


However, there is one rather important thing that separates this theory from reality: Pauley Perrette left entirely, and she did not do so on the best of terms with the show's producers.

ut since Gibbs, played by Mark Harmon, finally dropped out after season 19, the creators are desperately trying to attract old viewers, and negotiating with Perrette for her return may be just the perfect idea they're looking for.

Other fans oppose the suggested storyline, refusing to believe that Abby could hurt her NCIS family because she is too good a person to do so. It seems that the fate of this idea is entirely up to the writers, who can choose to use it or ignore it completely.


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