Outlander's Caitríona Balfe details awkward Sam Heughan interview question


During a recent interview at the ATX TV Festival, Outlander star Caitríona Balfe opened up about a moment that left her stunned. She recalled a morning show interview where she and her co-star, Sam Heughan, were asked inappropriate questions about their appearances by two female reporters. Balfe expressed her disbelief, noting that if a male reporter had asked her the same question, there would have been outrage in the press.

Balfe highlighted the double standards that exist in the entertainment industry, explaining that women often face more criticism than their male counterparts.


She called for a change in attitudes and expectations towards women, emphasizing the importance of supporting fellow females. Balfe also stressed the need for gender parity in Hollywood, urging people to spend their money wisely by supporting female-led projects.

In addition to discussing the challenges faced by women in the industry, Balfe touched on the delays facing the eighth season of Outlander and expressed uncertainty about how the show would ultimately conclude.

Balfe's candid remarks shed light on the issues of gender inequality and the importance of supporting women in the entertainment industry.


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