NCIS's Sean Murray Spent 10 Years Renovating House for Wife and 2 Kids

Sean Murray grew up in a background where he didn't have a set childhood home where he could permanently put up photos in his room. However, since getting married and welcoming two children, he's gone out of his way to build a house that his children would be proud of.

For around 30 years, Sean Murray has been playing the role of Senior Field Agent Timothy McGee on "NCIS." However, the actor had an even bigger connection to the Navy because his father, Craig Murray, was a naval officer for 30 years.

According to the actor, his father "loves the show," Sean was sure Craig would've watched the series even if he wasn't starring in it. In March 2021, Sean told People that his "home" was wherever his father was stationed.

Before the actor was eight, he'd been to Australia, Singapore, and London. The Navy Captian raised his son on bases at "nondescript houses" that his family sometimes only saw for the first time when they arrived.

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