Tom and Jerry: The Chuck Jones Collection | Discovering the Fun


The article discusses the release of a DVD collection called "Tom and Jerry: The Chuck Jones Collection | Experiments." The collection is a compilation of animated shorts featuring the popular cartoon characters Tom and Jerry, created by Chuck Jones.

The DVD set includes 34 shorts that were produced between 1963 and 1967. These cartoons are known as the "experiments" because they were created during a time when the Tom and Jerry series was transitioning from the original creators, William Hanna and Joseph Barbera, to Chuck Jones.

The article explains that Jones brought a different style and approach to the Tom and Jerry cartoons. He introduced new characters and settings, and experimented with different animation techniques. His cartoons were often more comedic and focused on imaginative and surreal scenarios.


The article also discusses the controversy surrounding Jones' version of Tom and Jerry. Some fans of the original cartoons criticized Jones for changing the characters and the tone of the series. However, the article argues that Jones' versions brought a fresh perspective to the franchise and helped to keep Tom and Jerry relevant and popular.

The article concludes by stating that "Tom and Jerry: The Chuck Jones Collection | Experiments" offers an opportunity to revisit these experimental cartoons and appreciate the impact that Chuck Jones had on the Tom and Jerry series.


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