Young Sheldon S6 Finale Hinted At Missy's Redemption, But CBS Just Proved It Wrong!

Will she find peace in life anytime soon?

Young Sheldon ended season 6 several months ago, and while the fans are waiting for the new season to come out, they still have time to re-watch the beloved show or to speculate on what news season 7 will bring.

The season 6 finale of the show was quite a handful. A lot of things happened to almost every major character in the show, leaving fans surprised and wondering what it would mean for their character development in future episodes.

One of the things that fans were most concerned about was how the Missy situation would be handled. As you may recall, in season 6, she entered her rebellious phase and, quite frankly, caused a lot of problems for her family.

The running away, all the sneaky behavior, the smoking, etc. was not typical for Missy, yet that is what we got in the last season. Although in the final episode it seemed like she really wanted to change everything and make it up to everyone who was hurt by her behavior.

So, after those touching moments of Missy reconnecting with her family after the tornado tragedy that brought them closer together, it seemed natural that Young Sheldon's season 6 finale would mark the beginning of her redemption arc.

We would all think season 7 might start on the same note, with Missy realizing how bad her actions were and starting to act like a good kid again.

Well, looks like the creators beg to differ.

According to a CBS promo video for Young Sheldon posted on the network's official Instagram, which updates fans on what's going on with the Cooper kids, Missy is still "in her rebellious phase."

Well, despite the fact that season 6 of the show didn't end on a cliffhanger, there's still a lot of uncertainty about the future of the Cooper family. And the fact that CBS just hinted that Missy is still a rebel doesn't help.

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