Young Sheldon’s S6 Meemaw Story Could Explain His Relationship With Amy.

A character quirk that Young Sheldon season 6 has offered a possible explanation for is Sheldon's commitment issues. Since he can be almost emotionless at times, it is somewhat surprising to see how anxious committing to Amy Farrah Fowler made Sheldon feel in The Big Bang Theory.

Linkletter Dating Meemaw Explains Sheldon's Trust Issues On TBBT

Young Sheldon season 6 saw Sheldon betrayed by a colleague shortly after that co-worker pursued a failed romantic relationship with Meemaw, giving the young character an impression that love only leads to trouble and backstabbing.

Sheldon's Commitment Issues Almost Ruined His TBBT Love Story

Sheldon and Amy's love story was imperiled by his struggles with commitment at numerous points, with the pair even temporarily breaking up over this problem. Young Sheldon season 6 did a good job of contextualizing Sheldon's behavior.

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