Young Sheldon Season 6 Ending Question Gets Answered By Star After Weeks Of Speculation

Young Sheldon fans were left with questions after the intense season 6 finale, which featured a tornado that destroyed Meemaw's house. However, Sheldon's house remained virtually untouched, leaving viewers curious about the discrepancy. Raegan Revord, the actress who portrays Missy, provided an explanation for this in an interview. She revealed that the exterior scenes for the Cooper family's house are filmed in an actual neighborhood in Los Angeles, separate from the set where Meemaw's house was located. The decision was made due to renovations happening at Warners Ranch, necessitating the change in Meemaw's house location. Whether Meemaw's house will be rebuilt in the future is uncertain.

Moving forward, Meemaw's tragedy and the separation from the Cooper family can potentially lead to compelling storylines in Young Sheldon Season 7. One significant plot point it could set up is George's cheating scandal. Although hints were dropped in the previous season, the show has been cautious in fully addressing it due to its impact on the series. However, the destruction of Meemaw's house could provide an opportunity for Sheldon to accidentally discover his father's infidelity, mirroring a moment he mentioned to Penny in The Big Bang Theory. Additionally, without Meemaw driving him from school, Sheldon gains more freedom in his travel arrangements, allowing for unpredictable homecoming times.

Meemaw's new living arrangement with Dale may also pave the way for rekindling their romance. While they have reconnected, it remains unclear if they are back together or just friends. The minimal interactions between Professor Sturgis and Meemaw leave room for her to explore the possibility of getting back with her other ex-boyfriend in Young Sheldon Season 7.

Overall, the destruction of Meemaw's house presents opportunities for character development and intriguing storylines, including resolving George's cheating scandal and exploring Meemaw's relationships. The aftermath of the tornado and its impact on the characters' lives will likely be addressed in the upcoming season of Young Sheldon.

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