Young Sheldon Reiterates Why Missy Is Really The Smartest Cooper Kid

The fall finale of Young Sheldon Season 6 reinforces the idea that Missy is the smartest Cooper kid, despite her limited presence on The Big Bang Theory. As Sheldon's twin sister, Missy has become a fan favorite in the prequel spin-off due to her charm and humor. While she may not possess Sheldon's intellectual prowess or Georgie's entrepreneurial skills, Missy distinguishes herself through her straightforward and brutally honest commentary, providing comedic moments on the show.

Throughout the tumultuous Season 5 finale, the Cooper family faces various challenges. George and Mary both lose their jobs, while Sheldon develops a fear of the future. Additionally, Georgie grapples with the uncertainty of impending fatherhood, resulting in his arrest alongside Meemaw. Amidst these events, Missy serves as the emotional support for everyone, assuming a supporting role without a substantial character arc. This is unfortunate considering Missy's captivating personality and how often she is underestimated.

One significant aspect of Missy's intelligence lies in her emotional intelligence, surpassing even Sheldon in this regard. The show highlights the importance of emotional intelligence in certain situations. While the rest of the family remains oblivious, Missy discerns that Mary and George's attempts to fix their marriage are insincere. She correctly believes that their reconciliation is unlikely to last because they haven't addressed the underlying issues.

A major problem within George and Mary's relationship is Mary's secret attraction to Youth Pastor Rob. Apart from Mary, only Missy is aware of this, having witnessed a moment between her mother and the church Youth Pastor. Missy understands that Mary's feelings for Pastor Rob could potentially lead to the downfall of her parents' marriage. Consequently, she chooses to keep quiet, hoping that her parents will resolve their problems themselves. This showcases Missy's maturity and further supports the notion that she is indeed the smartest Cooper kid overall.

Based on Sheldon's narrative, it is inevitable that Mary and George's marriage will crumble. The show portrays their relationship as on the mend in Season 6, but eventually, George will engage in an extramarital affair. It remains unclear whether Mary discovers this particular relationship, but given her general perspective on her deceased husband, it is likely that they will experience a falling out sooner or later. Considering the established timeline of Young Sheldon, this could occur within the next year or two. CBS has no reason to rush the storytelling and can take advantage of the current period of relative peace for the Coopers.

In conclusion, the fall finale of Young Sheldon Season 6 emphasizes that Missy is truly the smartest Cooper kid. While she may not possess Sheldon's academic brilliance, her emotional intelligence sets her apart. Missy's understanding of her parents' marital problems, including Mary's attraction to Youth Pastor Rob, demonstrates her maturity and perception. Ultimately, the show foreshadows the eventual collapse of Mary and George's marriage, providing room for further exploration in future seasons.

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